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MoHAR Framework Mod

Author of the MoHAR Framework Mod: Gouda quiche

The MoHAR Framework Mod adds hediffs/comps/jobs/[…] meant for race mod creators.

MoHAR Framework Mod features

Race mod creators

This mod comes with examples. To allow your mod to use these hediffs, you need to use Mohar framework as a dependency.

Mods that use MFW
  • Anty the war ant
  • Crystosentients
  • Cyberpunk Cybernetics
  • Heyra the Horned race
  • Flood Things
  • Moyo
  • Paniel the Automata
  • Race sleep face addon
  • Rakkle the rattle snake
  • Ship girls


If you have some generic tools to share with the community, I would be glad to put them in this mod.

Thanks to:
  • divineDerivative, for bug reporting
  • ShauaPuta, constant support and allowed me to add a harmony patch for bodyaddons specific textures by bodytype
  • OTYOTY, author of the harmony patch related to bodyaddons per bodytype

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Version 1.4

Older versions:

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