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1-2-3 Personalities Mod

Author of the 1-2-3 Personalities Mod: Hahkethomemah

The 1-2-3 Personalities Mod is the first entry in a series of social mods based around idea of modularity and letting players choose how much in-depth impact they want:

1-2-3 Personalities makes each colonist a unique being: thinking, talking and behaving differently, depending on who they are and who they interact with. This mod is designed as a much more compatible, less game-file invasive successor of Psychology, while adding new game mechanics and decision-making.

1-2-3 Personalities Mod features

First part of the mod grants every pawn a set of characteristics using this pattern and a vast pool of descriptions. M1 can be used as a stand-alone for storytelling purposes, with no impact on performance and pristine compatibility.

Animals got simple personalities as well! They grant small bonuses, so be sure to switch them off in mod options if you want a truly vanilla balance.

Second part is all about pawns being similar or different and how it influences their actions. Pawns either have the same psychological drive (instincts, feelings or thinking) and trigger Harmonious effect, or they do not and apply Diversive effect.

This will have an impact on most tasks that a pawn does with other colonists. Vanilla Social Interactions Expanded has some excellent new interactions, and is required to trigger full spectrum of Module 2 changes.

Here are some examples of module 2 influencing the gameplay:


  • Harmonious couples will form more stable relationships, with substantially lower chance of cheating.
  • Diversive couples might argue a bit more often, but that tension can be lifted via more frequent lovin.


  • Harmonious team understands each other better and provokes less discord and social conflicts. They will do well at dangerous tasks, like maintaining a nuclear reactor or managing the antigrain warhead stockpiles.
  • Diversive teams try to work differently and share experiences with co-workers. They will grant higher More hands make light work bonus for each different drive present in the workplace, while increasing the discord chance.


  • Pawns in Harmonious caravans understand each other almost without words, making them harder to detect.
  • Pawns in Diversive caravans ingeniously overcome obstacles in their path, making the travel slightly faster.(In some cases, there will be also a 3rd option – Turmoil. A Turmoil happens when at least 3 Pawns are involved and all 3 different drives are present in that group.)
  • Turmoil caravan will be even faster than Diversive, but attract a lot of attention

Players can use this system to create zones of increased safety or efficiency.

– Harmonious bonuses are pretty big and focus on preventing things
– Diversive bonuses are small but proactive, with occasional drawbacks
– Turmoil bonuses are slightly bigger than Diversive, but they always come with hefty drawbacks

Module 2 is still a WIP.

Part 3 is where the complexity happens. According to their character traits, pawns form permanent opinions about each other and create friendships or rivalries based on their views on particular topics. If two colonists do not like each other, you’ll be able to check the social tab and find out why exactly. Perhaps they argue a whole day about the communism? Or do not agree on the meaning of life? Or maybe they just bicker from time to time about eating gluten.

There’s a database of 100+ serious topics and important life categories. Every pawn has a certain interest in given topic, as well as an agitation factor. One colonist may be very interested in politics and try to talk about it most of the time, but not be easily offended by people who do not agree with them. Other can never talk about their family problems, but will react intensely when forced into this kind of conversation. Some pawns will try to talk about things they have no idea about, and others might be irritated that they do that. Discussions can steer in very different directions!

Among other consequences of this system, pawns will behave differently in presence of the people they like or dislike.

Module 3 is a WIP as well.

I decided to release a WIP version now for two reasons:
– So it can be used by those who are only interested in module 1 features anyway
– To reach out for help with funding the more costly features, cause the whole endeavour turned to be way outside my financial possibilities. I work for free of course, but I’m hiring a coder to help with that pesky C#

If you’d like to support the mod development, consider participating in the fundraiser using the donation links listed below.

If you have any feedback, you’re welcome at our discord server. Just click the kitten below:

  • Hahkethomemah – Design, XML, writing
  • EpicGuru – C#, XML
  • SirLalaPyon – Cover art

Q: Can I add this to the ongoing game?
A: Yes. Every pawn missing personality will get one. Same with animals.

Q: Can I remove this safely from the ongoing game?
A: What, why? No, you can’t do this! Pawns will go insane, goats will explode… But if you must, yeah – should be safe. If you had an animal hediffs on, you’ll get a one-time harmless error, though.

Q: Will this work with other social mods?
A: Yes, with all of them. This series is made with compatibility in high regard.
A2: We’re also in touch with SpeakUp authors to make their mod trigger dialogues depending on our character traits and personality types.

Q: How is module 3 even remotely compatible with anything, with such big changes?
A: Module 3 does not modify existing interactions, instead it adds a new type (real talk), that has its own mechanics. Its ever-lasting consequences trigger moods, events and other features. Mods that modify chit-chat and deep talk are safe to use. Pawns will still talk about silly Rimworld stuff!

Q: How can I check prisoner’s personality?
A: Your warden will figure them out after lowering the resistance to half the initial value. Just let them talk for a while. Or smack em with a Word of Trust, your choice!

Q: What’s going on with psychopaths?
A: They are not fit to function in a society. Their character traits are hidden. You can guess them via observation… Or just let psychopaths be the wildcards, disturbing the Harmonious and Diversive effects all over the colony.

Q: I have, like, a thousand more questions.
A: Understandable. Check the extended FAQ in the Discussions.

Next mods in line: 1-2-3 Politics1-2-3 Religions

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Version 1.5
1-2-3 Personalities Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5

Older versions:

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