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Project RimFactory Mod

Author of the Project RimFactory Mod: Spdskatr

The Project RimFactory Mod is a combination of three previous mods by the same author: Animal Stations, Cultivator Tools and S.A.L.

The Project RimFactory Mod is a pretty extensive one. It adds new buildings that will help you gather resources from animals and plants, to the point where the entire process from gathering to cooking can be automated.

Project RimFactory Mod features

Animal Stations

Three new buildings dedicated to animal care. All buildings can store food, which will attract the animals, but only the tamed ones.

  • Shearer: Harvests the wool of animals in the area.
  • Milker: Harvests the milk of the animals in the area.
  • Generic animal harvester: Harvests everything from the animals.

Cultivator Tools

  • Sprinkler: Slightly increases the growth rate of plants. The effects stack!
  • Cultivator: Plants and harvests crops autonomously. Pick a direction for it to spit out its harvest.
  • Cultivator with sun lamp: Like the cultivator but has a strong sun lamp on it. Beware of electrical fires!


  • Smart hopper: Pulls items from nearby stockpile zones according to its storage settings.
  • Self cooker: A machine that can cook meals all by itself. Just look at it go!
  • Recipe database: Stores recipes for use by smart assemblers, and imports recipes from adjacent work tables. I wonder what all the buttons do…
  • Universal assembler: An auto-crafter controlled by a computer. Reads recipe instructions from a recipe database.
  • Machine learning assembler: Slowly gets better at recipes the more it completes them. However, it also gets worse slowly over time.
  • Recipe data disk: A roll of magnetic tape. Used to craft the recipe database.

New mechanics

The self cooker already contains built-in recipes in order to perform its tasks. It doesn’t work any faster or harder than the universal assembler, though. In order to create recipes for the universal assembler, you need to make a recipe database. The building requires an item called the “recipe data disk” which can be made at the machining table.

Place the recipe databases next to work tables to learn their recipes (this process takes time). The universal assembler reads recipes from recipe databases adjacent to it. You can uninstall and reinstall the recipe databases as required.

The machine learning assembler is a step up from the universal assembler – it gets better at a task, starting from 50% efficiency and increases slowly. This speed also affects quality. However, not doing a task for long enough can lead to the speed decreasing as well!


Version 1.5
Project RimFactory Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5

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