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Maru Race Mod

Authors of the Maru Race Mod: VAMV, Roo

One day during a blizzard, an explorer who had been walking on the mountain trails of rim world for a long time returned to his settlement. He sat down on a chair with a hazy expression on his face and immediately began to tell a long story to the children who had gathered around the table as if he had regained sensation in his face. About the humans who hunted animals by jumping over rocks and cliffs, about the appearance and beauty that resembled those animals, about the hunters of white who glide through the snow-covered ruins and follow the bloodstains. Pausing for a moment, and brushing his beard, the explorer recalled his view of the mountain again. The real story hasn’t even started yet, but he thinks it’s time to tell their names at this point. A simple name he doesn’t know who came up with it, about the people of the ridge, Maru.

Maru Race Mod features

About the Maru Race

“They were remarkably accustomed to the cold and rough terrain. Yeah, it would be accurate to say they were made to adapt.”

Stat Changes


  • Sharpness
    Excellent movement speed and reflexes.
  • Imitation design
    It is resistant to cold and blends well into the landscape.


  • Sharpened
    Their physical endurance is weak and they cannot sleep deeply.
  • unfamiliar culture
    Poor handling of plants and poor social skills.

Special function

  • gene stupa
    Periodically, the exclusive resource ‘Sarira’ is produced.
  • Unstoppable
    It is not affected by the movement speed reduction effect caused by the terrain.
  • Born loner
    The more settlers you have, the worse you feel.

About the equipment

“…so I said, ‘That looks too heavy to run around with. Do you want to pretend you’re falling and shake your ass?’ She stared at me, and she slashed the pole five times as if it were worth it.”

Weapons that can be modified

  • Adds 4 types of basic weapons + 16 types of modified weapons.

Various clothing

  • Add 27 types of clothing + 2 types of special trap equipment.

About the building

“From the ground, stems were coming out… it was blue. There’s no other way to explain it.”

MacGyver workbench

  • Add 2 production facilities.
    Gorgeous laboratory
  • Adds 1 research facility + 3 research auxiliary facilities.

About the Factions (requires Royalty DLC)

“… Among them, there are two organizations that came together with a clear purpose, and they seemed to coexist with each other. They seemed to resemble each other, but the atmosphere was completely different.”

Hunter Faction

  • A loose group centered on hunters.
    Tokens can be obtained by hunting animals and dyeing their hides, mainly for labor or support related to the defense of settlements.

Decipher Faction

  • It is an organization by need, centered on deciphers.
    Tokens can be obtained through quests for ancestors and knowledge, and support mainly related to crafting or research.

How to earn trust

  • Add 2 production facilities.
    A sign of trust
  • Add 1 type of defense + 1 type of special facility.

The Journey Forward

“Wait a minute, let’s drink some water and continue.”

The hunting method of Maru

  • Updates on new animals and hunting methods
  • New materials, equipment and building updates
  • Alcohol production content update
  • Cultivation sub content update

Survivor of hyperborea

  • New wall and crop updates
  • Building and drug updates related to ‘Breath’
  • Additional update of alcoholic beverage production content

On the other side of the earth

  • Special weapons, costumes, and pawnkinds updates

The end of the story

  • Additional update of faction-related content
  • Update the final raid and exclusive ending content

Compatibility notes

List of incompatible mods

  • Clean Pathfinding : harmony clash
  • Dual Wield : Disappears when changing weapon mode

List of supported languages

  • 한국어
  • English
  • 日本語 – (from Lucifel)

[Created by]

VAMV: planning, xml, textures, C#
Roo: xml
Amnabi: C#

[Special Thanks]

erdelf: make Humanoid Alien Races 2.0 mod.
goudaquiche: make MoHAR framework.
NukaFrog: provides useful assemblies.
horsefry: testing, advice, offer ideas
Nemonian: xml, art advice
SutSutMan: C# advice
Demi: xml advice

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