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[LTO] Colony Groups Mod

Authors of the [LTO] Colony Groups Mod: Taranchuk, BICKLEY


Create groups – simply select some pawns, click the create group button – That’s all.
There are a multitude of management tools for you to utilize. From customization to work orders to battle formations, just start reading tooltips – and enjoy the ride.

You can also play without the group mechanic
Simply hide the groups if you prefer to only use our Pawn Display features below.
Groups have zero performance hit when hidden.

Pawn display

Colony Groups includes many pawn display features you can toggle on/off and adjust accordingly.
These Include:
-Color Mood Bars
-Need Bars (food, sleep, health)
-Show Pawn Weapons
-Mental Break Overlays
-Pawn Portrait sizing (including the pawn box)
-Colonist Bar positioning X and Y axis
-Pawn Row Count
The list goes on and on, it’s a bunch of mods in one.
Compatible with Pawn Badge, Job in Bar, and Color Coded Mood Bar (CCMB is still a BETA compatibility patch, meaning some features from CG may not work)

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