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Authors of the [LTO] Colony Groups Mod: Taranchuk, BICKLEY

The Colony Groups Mod allows you to create and organize your colonists into groups- While also giving players a Colony Group for their Colony. Providing you with a much easier method of managing the madness that unfolds as your colony grows.

Colony Groups Mod features

  • Assign your Fighters to a Warband group, or your Medical Staff to a Medical group, or even your Engineers to a Builders group – the choice is yours and the opportunities are endless. Each group can be easily selected and customized to fit any playstyle.
  • Easily select entire groups at once – manage their policies – order their ranks – and assign work tasks. All just a few clicks away.
  • Groups can also be hidden from the colonist bar, meaning less clutter for larger colonies. Select all your Average Joes, group them together, and Hide – no more useless pawns interfering with the Colonist Bar.

Colony Groups Mod Overview

Colony Groups has many features for you to explore, and I’ll do my best to describe it further.

Your Colony Group will consist of all current and future colonists – You can use this group to issue commands to all of your colonists.

– To create a new group, simply select your colonists and click the “Create Group” Icon found to the left of your colonist bar.

Below this you will see the Options Gear – which opens our options menu where you can toggle on/off all of our colonist bar Display Features (below) as well as quickly showing your pawns on the colonist bar, even if the group is set to hidden.
Once you’ve created your new group, you can right click to open the Group Menu

Customize Your Group – after right clicking your group, select the Manage tab – Here you’ll be able to Rename your group, select a new Group Icon, and even Sort your group based on any skill. You can also manage your group’s ApparelDrug PolicyFood Preferences, and Work Schedule. These options are Group-Wide and will affect the entire group. Policies are not activated on group level unless you manually set one

Note : Sorting Groups

-If you would like to Sort your pawns manually, simply right click the pawn under the group and use the arrows to position them where you desire. If you wish to re-order your Groups, hover over the group and use the arrows to the Left and Right of the group icon.

Your group Work Menu is your lifeline to transforming your Colony into a well oiled machine. Here you can send out Work Orders to your group, and prioritize specific jobs (right-click), as well as enacting Forced Labor to a certain job (2x right-click) which will order your group to work that task until their hands bleed. You will also be able to tell your group to Take a Break from working, send them to the Chow Hall, and even tell them to go to Sleep. Our work menu also allows you to send entire groups out on a Caravan.

Your Group Orders Menu offers a wide range of options specific to your group. You’ll be able to see how many Shooters and Melee your group has, their Average Armor and Damage per Second, as well as their overall Rank giving you a quick and easy understanding of your group’s Combat Effectiveness. Issuing Attack Orders will open up a new tactical element for defeating your foes – Attack Strongest and Attack Weakest are invaluable in the heat of battle when you’re faced with logistical nightmares.

  • Set your group into Battle Stations for later use when that next raid enters the map – allowing for fast mobility to the front lines.
  • Quickly issue Rescue orders to your Medical Staff to ensure all your fighters make it home safe.
  • Then send out an Upgrade order so your troops will upgrade their gear to a better, more efficient model if available.

Orders will prove an exceptional tab, so use it as you see fit.

Compatibility notes

Save Game Compatible
  1. Colony Groups will override any other “Colonist Bar” mod installed -which is why we have included our own versions.
  2. [NL] Custom Portraits – Compatible. Except resize pawn (use our own options)
  3. Colony Groups is compatible with having multiple colonies.
  4. Multiplayer – Compatible.
  5. Combat Extended – Compatible. Our rank system is not, though.
  6. Defensive Positions – Compatible.
  7. Achtung – Compatible. Slight error, will fix.
  8. Fluffy’s Work Tab – Compatible.
  9. SOS – Compatible.
  10. RimWar – Compatible.
  11. RimThreaded – Compatible. (Slight issue with attack orders reported)
  12. RimHud – Compatible.
  13. Pawn Badge – Compatible.
This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.


Version: 1.3

This mod is not updated to RimWorld V1.3

Older versions 1.1

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