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Faction Control Mod

Authors of the Faction Control Mod: Kiame Vivacity, TheRealLemon

The Faction Control Mod provides you with a number of configuration options that you can use to tailor which and how many faction groups and faction bases show up on your map. Simply visit “Mod Settings” from the game’s “Options” menu.

Faction Control Mod features

Disable Faction Limits
Enabling this setting will allow the Create World menu to add more than 11 factions to a world.

Override Faction Max Count
Force modded factions that do not specify “maxConfigurableAtWorldCreation” to show up in the base game’s Create World Faction Count tab.
It’s on by default. If anyone runs into issues with this setting please disable it in settings and restart the game.

Population Override
If the Min/Max values are changed, this will greatly override the “Population” slider on the Create World page.

Tile Distance Between Faction Groups
Specify either/both the Minimum/Maximum distances that faction groups can spawn from each other.

This is an advanced option and can easily prevent faction groups from spawning on the map and will take many tries to get the values to work. Leave it disabled to keep base game behavior.

Faction Base Density
Allows Factions’ settlement to be closer together. If “Off”, the base game’s logic is used. If “On”, the settlements will be closer together the more “Crowded” the slider bar is moved to the left.

Compatibility notes

Faction Control Mod is incompatible With:

  • Rim-Hivers
  • Hisa Faction

If you’re using Realistic Planets make sure to enable compatibility mod in settings.

– Rainbeau Flambe (dburgdorf) (original)
– Kiame Vivacity (previous versions 1.0 to 1.3)
– TheRealLemon (current)
– Designer225 for improving map generation and allowing this mod’s settings to apply to new settlements after world generation.

Proxyer – Japanese
53N4 – Spanish
WexMan & kr33man – Russian
RunningMelos – Chinese
Erazil & Qux – French
Danimineiro – German

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