RimWorld Mods

Kure’s Rimworld of Magic Class Expansion Pack

Author of the Kure’s Rimworld of Magic Class Expansion Pack: Aegael

A class expansion pack for Rimworld of Magic! Install under RimWorld of Magic in load order.

Kure’s Rimworld of Magic Class Expansion Pack features

  • 646 new custom abilities
  • 59 new custom classes – 31 stamina classes, 13 magic classes, 15 dual-classes. Play as Dragoon, Shadowbringer, Plaguedoctor!
  • 7 new fighter cantrips
  • 3 new mage cantrips
  • 159 new class-locked cantrips – many vanilla classes have new skills they can learn!
  • 18 new magical items

New dual-classes (15)

Red Mage – Versatile dual-class that focuses on balancing ranged and melee combat. They gain bonuses for temporarily committing to ranged or melee. They specialize in mana and stamina acceleration, allowing them and their allies to cast more abilities in a shorter time.

Ninja – Dual-class with a lot of tricks, many of their abilities combo into each other. They specialize in single-target damage, while having situational AoE tools. Their low resource pool can be punishing in the earlygame, forcing them to decide which of their abilities to use, and how to approach each fight. They are strongest against organic foes.

Elemental Gunner – Dual-class that focuses on sustained ranged DPS. One of the highest scaling DPS classes with a purely offensive kit that rarely leaves them with resources for anything aside from offense.

Reaper – Demonic fighter that dives in and out of enemy positions, causing chaos by inflicting various mental states on their foes.

Pridestalker – A bow-using hunter with a variety of magical abilities that summon animal companions, allowing them to outnumber their opponents at all times. Can shapeshift into various animal forms temporarily.

Duskbringer – A flexible class that wields the destructive powers of both light and darkness. They can fulfill the role of a tanky frontliner, a backline caster, a slippery assassin, or all of the above if played properly. They gain bonuses for committing to their light or dark forms.

Deadeye – A dedicated long-ranged sniper with more specialized tools than the vanilla Sniper. They can choose to bunker down in a particular location to gain bonuses to aiming and shooting speed. They are capable of utilizing magic for even more powerful shots, but they don’t regenerate mana normally, so mana is a precious resource for them.

Spellthief – A trickster mage well-suited to infiltrating and sabotaging enemies. They are capable of copying abilities from allies and enemies. They are adept at disabling and dealing with single targets, but they may struggle against multiple opponents.

Guardian – An unsurpassed defender that specializes in keeping themselves and their allies safe from harm by using sword and magic. Their stamina pool is normally locked, and they must spend mana to temporarily enable it. However, all of their stamina abilities are fairly powerful in return.

Troubadour – An archer that supports their allies with arrow and song. They have high versatility — they can deal damage and disable enemies, as well as heal, protect, and buff their allies. They are incapable of casting most of their support abilities on themselves.

Gambler – A fighter capable of healing and supporting allies, and damaging and disabling their enemies, all based off the cards that they draw. They excel in extended fights, or fights where they can choose to engage as soon as they’ve drawn the perfect card. They do poorly in fights where they are rushed down before they can align their cards.

Ravenous – A creature that consumes everything they can. They devour food, enemies, corpses, trees, and buildings, and use them as fuel for acidic, corrosive attacks on their enemies. They are a unique class that can fit as a tank or backline artillery. They excel at dealing with organic foes, but may struggle against Mechanoids. The only way to get this class in a normal game is by recruiting them, or by starting with a colonist that has the trait.

Shadowbringer – A melee fighter that utilizes the power of darkness to destroy their foes. They excel in extended fights, and can utilize fallen enemies and incoming damage to fuel some of their abilities. Several of their abilities indiscriminately cleave nearby targets — they prefer to fight alone.

Warden – An offshoot of the Geomancer that has received training as a battlemage, and prefers being the middle of combat. They are capable tanks capable of providing team support, and can deal high damage to clumped enemies on their own with some setup. They have powerful abilities, but may struggle early on due to their limited resource pools.

Explorer – A special class that can learn almost every scroll ability, including class-locked ones. However, they start with no abilities. They are able to obtain new resource pools via cantrips that grant those resource pools.

New stamina classes (31)

Bombardier – Long-ranged siege class, vulnerable to close-quarters combat. They can fire explosives over walls.

Railbreaker – Reckless melee brawler that fights with point-blank explosive attacks. They have very low costs and cooldowns and have extreme potential damage output, but the self-recoil damage they inflict on themselves is a constant risk.

Samurai – Mid to close range fighter that has very powerful offensive and defensive abilities, but no inherent mobility. They are very strong in quick fights, but may struggle in longer battles.

Berserker – Simple, powerful fighter class that can go berserk, becoming uncontrollable but gaining extreme combat buffs. Can be dangerous to your own colonists. A mod such as Don’t Drop Weapon may be useful while playing a Berserker.

Scion – Versatile stance-dancing melee class. They can fulfill many roles in a colony and are excellent fighters. Each stance has an upside and a downside, which can leave the pawn vulnerable if stance timing is mismanaged.

Plaguedoctor – Crazed doctor that can perform uniquely terrifying surgery on enemies or allies. They can perform risky medical procedures on allies that can instantly cure long-term debilitating conditions, but these treatments often come with side-effects.

Gadgeteer – Versatile utility/support class with skills focused around colony development. They typically take on only a supportive role in combat.

Medic – Utility/support class with a lot of single-target buffs for healing their allies or improving their combat capabilities. They are very poor direct combatants.

Chainwarden – A mobile mid-range fighter capable of easily traversing the battlefield and dealing area damage, while controlling enemy movements with stuns and pulls.

Ambusher – A patient fighter that lies in wait for their prey with stealth, traps, and extremely dangerous short-ranged abilities.

Saboteur – A fighter that excels at going behind enemy lines and destroying structures, terrain, and clumped enemy formations by setting up timed explosives and leaving before anyone even notices they were there.

Aspirant – A fighter that starts weaker than even vanilla units and is slow to get going, but has incredible endgame potential. They fully cap out at around level 180. The only way to get this class in a normal game is by recruiting them, or by starting with a colonist that has the trait.

Hawkeye – A class that focuses entirely around bow skills to overcome their opponents. They excel at taking down key targets at range. They scale more heavily with weapons than most classes.

Support Specialist – A versatile, shotgun-toting support class capable of taking out key targets with burst damage, as well as healing and supporting allies. They have lots of options, but they have overall higher cooldowns and costs compared to other classes.

Scrapper – A fighter that prefers unarmed combat and is capable of weaving in and out of fights with short bursts of mobility. They have a large number of single-target disabling moves, which makes them extremely strong in single combat, but they may struggle against multiple opponents at once.

Mystic – A versatile mid-ranged fighter that revolves around Chi. Their abilities have low cooldowns and are fairly powerful, but they are limited by their Chi pool, forcing them to prioritize which abilities to use. When they are out of Chi, they typically only take on a supportive role, or are forced to fall back to basic combat.

Spellbreaker – A fighter that excels at disrupting enemies with crowd control. They specialize at taking down fighters and mages, and have a good variety of tools for disabling single targets. While their disruption potential and survivability is quite high, their damage output isn’t very high compared to most other classes.

Thunderblessed – A fighter that utilizes the destructive power of lightning. They have a large number of powerful, close-ranged AoE attacks, and are capable of destroying numerous enemies at once. However, they are more fragile than most other classes, and a single mistake might mean injury or death. Most of their abilities also have a risk of friendly fire or collateral damage.

Dragoon – A melee fighter with high mobility; they are capable of repeatedly going untargetable, which allows them to drop aggro and dodge incoming enemy attacks. They have a number of specialized AoE and single-target tools, but their abilities cost more and have longer cooldowns to compensate.

Gunbreaker – A hyper-offensive close-ranged fighter that prefers using ranged weapons at extremely close-range. They are capable of preparing for combat by storing cartridges, then unleashing devastating attacks in rapid-fire succession. Most of their abilities grant them brief damage mitigation after casting, making them deceptively tanky and allowing them to stay in the fray as long as they continuously blast their enemies.

Gunner – A fighter that prefers ranged weapons with powerful single-shot capabilities. They are capable of charging up and laying down extreme bursts of suppressive fire.

Warrior – A resilient melee fighter that is a cross between a tank and a situational damage-dealer. They excel at holding choke-points.

Nomad – A tough mid-range bow-fighter that fights at both melee and range. They are flexible fighters, with AoE, tanking capabilities, range, melee, and mobility options, but they don’t specialize in any field and some of their abilities come at the cost of the others.

Holosmith – A mobile fighter that attacks at multiple ranges in quick bursts. Their stamina pool is normally disabled and they can only enable it for short amounts of time. In exchange, their abilities are all fairly powerful.

Chef – A support class capable of lessening their allies’ need for food and sleep, as well as being able to counteract some common debuffs to improve colony productivity. They are capable of minor offensive support in combat.

Miner – A utility class that is capable of effortlessly cutting through stone. They are adept at setting up terrain-traps against incoming enemies.

Striker – An unarmed melee combatant that is an aggressive offshoot of the monk; they sacrifice defense and healing for a swift, offensive style.

Blossom Blader – A fighter that is highly attuned to nature. Their abilities are fueled by interacting with nature and gathering herbs before combat. Their abilities poison and bleed their enemies. They have very low cooldowns in combat, but they are not very useful if they run out of herbs.

Mech Hunter – A ranged class that excels at taking down Mechanoids and heavily armored targets. They have situational abilities that are decent against other targets.

Gunslinger – A mobile ranged class that excels at blanketing the battlefield with a spray of bullets. They load shells before and during combat to lay down bursts of fire in quick succession.

Chempunk – A fighter that utilizes their own body as a poisonous weapon. They are resilient fighters capable of tanking and doing high area damage, but may damage themselves in the process. They have low costs and cooldowns, but overuse of their abilities can be deadly.

New magic classes (13)

Harbinger – Mage that curses enemies with debilitating debuffs. They are single-target oriented and somewhat mana-inefficient, but they can curse targets that are in range without line-of-sight, making them very useful for taking out key targets from safety. Their master-tier spell allows them to resurrect the dead in exchange for the life of a living pawn.

Chroma Mage – Mage class that can choose from many powerful spells to learn, but their class cap is level 30, forcing the player to make decisions on which spells to focus on.

Wind Mage – Mage that focuses on mobility and disabling effects. They can fly around the map at will. They have low inherent offensive capabilities, but have several moves which can leave their enemies defenseless, as well as a few supportive abilities.

Cleric – Versatile healer/support mage that plays in the midline with short-ranged spells. They cast extremely quickly and have very low cooldowns, as well as possessing a couple offensive support moves. They are also capable of accelerating their mana regeneration to fuel their fast-casting support kit, allowing them to sling spells one after another. However, their main limiting factor is how much magical fatigue they can endure from casting their spells: while mana is relatively easy for them to come by, all of their spells cost more and cause them more magical fatigue than most normal spells.

Arbormancer: A versatile mage whose spells are powered by plants. They are strong around plants and weak without them. However, many of their spells are destructive in nature, potentially robbing them of their own power source.

Keeper: A mage who specializes in base defense, being able to both construct walls and defenses on the fly as well as plan for future encounters, giving them a variety of tools they can use for dealing with attackers.

Starseeker – A mage that starts weaker than even vanilla units and is slow to get going, but has incredible endgame potential. They fully cap out at around level 180. The only way to get this class in a normal game is by recruiting them, or by starting with a colonist that has the trait.

Atronach – A mage that does not regenerate mana passively, and must find their own unique ways to generate mana for their spells. In exchange, their spells are all fairly powerful. The only way to get this class in a normal game is by recruiting them, or by starting with a colonist that has the trait.

Oracle – A support mage that has spells with map-wide reach, allowing them to aid their allies and disable their enemies from extreme safety. However, in exchange, their spells are generally slow to cast and limited in power, or have unreliable effects. They can grant powerful random daily buffs to their allies to aid with colony development. Their master-tier spell allows them to resurrect allies.

Black Mage – A specialized combat mage that excels at continuously casting destructive magic on their foes with little to no downtime. Black Mages are very fragile, sacrifice proficiency with ranged and melee weaponry, and don’t excel at working, but left alone in a battle, they can single-handedly demolish scores of enemies by casting in perpetuity.

Scholar – A support mage that excels at shielding allies and disabling enemies, but is poor at traditional combat. Their master-tier spell allows them to resurrect allies.

Rune Knight – A specialized combat mage that compresses mana into runes, allowing them to prepare for future encounters, where they can cast multiple powerful spells in quick succession. They are capable of offensive, defensive, and healing magic. Unlike other mages, they don’t typically suffer from Arcane Weakness mid-combat when casting due to being able to prepare their spells before a fight. They also have negligible cooldowns in the middle of a fight. However, it takes them time to store runes, and they aren’t capable of casting any of their class spells if they are caught unprepared.

Architect – A mage that specializes in base construction and deconstruction. They can raise and destroy walls anywhere on the map, which makes them adept at creating terrain traps, rewarding clever thinking.

Base class notes:

Chaos Mage – Chaos Mages are able to roll many new spells with Chaos Tradition.

Most custom classes also have abilities that can be copied either by a Faceless or the Legion fighter cantrip. Copying abilities of a valid custom class always results in copying the highest rank of the ability rather than the current learned rank.

New Fighter cantrips for any fighter to learn:

Evasive Leap – An ability that allows the fighter to leap in a target direction, becoming briefly untargetable. Can leap over obstacles, like walls, if they are narrow enough.

Explosive Satchel – A projectile that explodes in a small area, dealing moderate AoE damage on a long cooldown.

Lightning Satchel – A projectile that explodes in a small area, disabling Mechanoids and turrets for a short time.

Smoke Satchel – A projectile that explodes in a small area, creating a smoke cloud that lasts for a short time.

Glare – A ranged ability that stuns a target for a brief time. Wounded targets may be knocked down.

Vengeance – A last-resort ability for fighters that grants large stat boosts and stamina regeneration for a short time, but the pawn will go unconscious for more than a day after the effect ends.

Martial Training – An autocastable cantrip ability with a scroll that is very cheap to craft. Designed mainly for XP farming convenience. Grants minor work speed and movement speed to the pawn for a short duration.

New Mage cantrips for any mage to learn:

Effulgence – A last-resort ability for mages that instantly cleanses any built-up Arcane Weakness or Mana Sickness, as well as greatly increasing casting speed and mana regeneration for a short time, but the pawn will go unconscious for more than a day after the effect ends.

Magic Training – An autocastable cantrip ability with a scroll that is very cheap to craft. Designed mainly for XP farming convenience. Grants minor learning speed and research speed to the pawn for a moderate duration.

Erase – An ability that reduces Arcane Weakness on an allied target, as well as removing Mana Sickness and Silence.

New class-locked cantrips:

Apothecary Skill:

  • Refined Mana Potion – Instantly grants an ally mana, or stat boosts if they aren’t a mage.

Apothecary/Blossom Blader Skill:

  • Belt Pouch – Instantly generates some herbs to fuel the class’s other abilities.

Blossom Blader Skill:

  • Bladestorm – Tosses blades at all targets in an area, dealing damage and stunning in a small area around each target.
  • Fallen Leaf – Deals massive damage to multiple nearby pawns, dealing more damage if they’re wielding a melee weapon.

Ambusher Skill:

  • Caltrops – Drops caltrops in an area, damaging units that attempt to cross..
  • Proximity Charge – The Ambusher drops a proximity mine that detonates on taking damage or on being triggered by an unaware pawn.
  • Poison Trap – The Ambusher drops a poison trap which is triggered when an enemy walks over it.
  • Ambush – The Ambusher deals massive damage to multiple nearby pawns, dealing more damage if they’re wielding a melee weapon.

Ambusher/Miner skill:

  • The Big One – The pawn places a barrel filled with explosives at a location.

Miner Skill:

  • Collapsing Column – The Miner quickly erects a column that’s capable of holding up a roof. It will collapse and deal damage in a small area around it if an unaware pawn comes too close.
  • Rune of Lightning – The Miner drops a rock at their current location that periodically deals damage to nearby enemies. The rock lasts for 6 ingame hours.
  • Truth of Mountains – The Miner drops a rock at their current location that heals nearby allies. The rock lasts for 6 ingame hours.

Gadgeteer/Miner Skill:

  • Old Headlight – Spends a long time constructing a lamp that does not require power and lasts until deconstructed or destroyed.

Holosmith Skill:

  • Coolant Blast – Extends the duration of Photon Forge and grants health regeneration for a short time.
  • Cold Open – Enters Photon Forge at a reduced stamina cap, potentially locking out certain abilities from being cast.
  • Photon Wall – Fires a protective wall of light to an ally, which blocks most incoming attacks for a short time.
  • Prime Light Cannon – Deals massive damage in an area, and ends Photon Forge.

Commander Skill:

  • Provoke – Taunts a target, sending them into a berserk rage.
  • Diplomatic Negotiations – Gives a long speech to a target. If they are from another faction and willing to listen, faction relations instantly improve by a large amount.
  • Fire at Will – Grants greatly increased attack speed for a short time to nearby allies.

Support Specialist Skill:

  • Jump Shot – Leaps to an area, then blasts the landing location.
  • Handheld Rocket – Fires a rocket to a target location, dealing damage in a small area. Deals minor damage to units, but massive damage to structures. Does not require line of sight to fire.

Wayfarer Skill:

  • Haste – The Wayfarer doubles their attack speed for a short time.

Psionic Skill:

  • Approaching Storm – The Psionic flies towards a target location, becoming briefly untargetable, while firing a psionic blast at the landing location.

Bow skills: (Can all be learned by Pridestalker, Hawkeye, Nomad, Troubadour, or vanilla Ranger)

  • Crippling Shot – Slows and damages a target.
  • Quick Shot – Low-range bow attack that fires almost instantly and recharges quickly.
  • Grapple Arrow – Targets distant buildings or terrain, then pulls the pawn to the new location.
  • Marksman’s Vow – Grants the pawn increased shooting stats and energy regeneration for a short time.

Gunner Skill:

  • Head Graze – Fires off a quick shot at a target that briefly stuns and silences.
  • Nanite Shot – Fires a shot at a target that grants them 100% Sharp Armor for a short time.
  • Clean Reload – Leaps evasively to a target location while granting stamina regeneration and removing the stamina degeneration effects of some of the Gunner’s abilities.
  • Flamesplitter – Fires flaming shots at targets in an area, potentially setting them ablaze.
  • Barrel Stabilizer – The Gunner grants themselves stamina regeneration and instantly removes the stamina drain and reduction effects of some of their abilities.

Ranger Skill:

  • Troll Unguent – Applies a special ointment to an ally that greatly increases natural health regeneration for a short time.
  • Hunter’s Shot – Shoots an arrow that grants the Ranger stealth and increased movement speed for a short time.
  • Poison Volley – Shoots arrows into nearby plants, causing them to explode with noxious gas in an area. The explosion deals more damage for each plant in the area.

Gunslinger Skill:

  • Nanoseeker – Throws a device that disarms a target.

Gunslinger/Sniper Skill:

  • Gunflame – Fires an incendiary shell which deals massive damage to a target and minor damage to nearby targets, with all affected targets having a chance to be set aflame.
  • Cover Fire – Quickly shoots a target, dealing damage and stunning for a brief time. Reloads a shell.
  • Breakstep – Discharges a shell to leap to a nearby location.
  • Breachfire – Fires explosive shells into an area which deal increased damage to structures. Costs three shells.

Sniper Skill:

  • Disarming Shot – Fires an expertly-placed shot that disarms a target.
  • Death’s Judgment – Fires an incredibly deadly headshot at a target. Has longer range and greater damage than a normal headshot, but requires a lot longer to aim.
  • Heartpiercer – Fires a specialized round that shreds through a targets armor, destroying it and leaving behind a gaping wound that bleeds profusely.

Sniper/Soldier Skill:

  • Stim Shot – Fires an emergency stimpack into an ally at long range, reducing pain and increasing natural regeneration for a short time. Can be learned by any Sniper or Super Soldier.

Super Soldier Skill:

  • Serum Overload – Allows a Super Soldier to inject a drug into their body that overcharges the serum coursing through their veins, greatly increasing their stats, health regeneration, and stamina regeneration for a short time, as well as granting temporary immunity to pain. However, this ability lessens the strength of the serum in their body afterward and it will take time to build up again. Using this ability causes the Super Soldier to regress in their serum development by ten days.

Samurai Skill:

  • Temperance – Grants doubled attack speed and casting speed for a short time.
  • Blade Parry – Deflects projectiles and most melee attacks for a brief moment.

Gladiator Skill:

  • Grand Challenge – Sends a mocking challenge to all pawns in an area, greatly increasing the time it takes for them to cast abilities or aim ranged weaponry for a brief time. Has no effect on pure melee combat.
  • Shield Stance – The Gladiator takes on a defensive stance, decreasing movement speed and aiming stats but gaining increased armor values for a short time.

Bladedancer Skill:

  • Blade’s Edge – The Bladedancer drops a blade on the ground. They will blink back to the blade’s location after five seconds have passed. The ability also grants a short burst of Haste to the Bladedancer.

Rune Knight Spell:

  • Reflect – Places a shield on an ally that reflects incoming projectiles for a short time.
  • Balefire – Summons a destructive storm of fire to blast an area.

Death Knight Skill:

  • Opening Ritual – Instantly grants the Death Knight a large amount of Hate.
  • Dark Grasp – Pulls a target to the Death Knight, immensely slowing them for a short time as well as increasing their damage taken.
  • Abyssal Drain – Deals damage in an area while granting the Death Knight regeneration.
  • The Blackest Night – Grants a powerful damage shield to a target for a short time.

Chempunk Skill:

  • Quick Vent – Grants a brief speed boorst at the cost of 10 Rot.
  • Regulator – Sets Rot total to 45, sets Toxic Buildup to 5%, and removes side effects from torment damage.
  • Noxious Blast – Costs 100 Rot, deals massive torment damage in an area around this pawn.
  • Juggernaut – Sets Rot total to 100 and grants a large damage shield for a short time.

Dragoon Skill:

  • Elusive Jump – A mobility ability that allows the Dragoon to jump to a location, even over obstacles.
  • Blood of the Dragon – Grants the Dragoon greatly increased maximum stamina, a short burst of stamina regeneration, and increased melee stats.
  • Stardiver – The Dragoon jumps to a target location, dealing massive damage in an area when they land. Almost impossible to cast without first casting Blood of the Dragon.

Mech Hunter Skill:

  • Blackpowder – The Mech Hunter discharges a Nanite Bullet to create an instant EMP around themselves as well as granting themselves brief stealth.
  • Final Salvo – Grants the Mech Hunter a full stack of Nanite Bullets at the cost of inflicting themselves with Inertia for a long time, disabling their Stamina pool.
  • Orbital EMP – Calls down a massive EMP anywhere on the map.

Spellbreaker Skill:

  • Winds of Disenchantment – Inflicts Silence and Inertia on targets in a large area.

Gunbreaker Skill:

  • Aethercall – The Gunbreaker swaps to a melee stance, granting a cartridge and increased melee stats, but rendering shooting and casting ineffective.
  • Hypervelocity – The Gunbreaker fires a long-ranged shot at a target, dealing damage and granting themselves Superspeed for a short time.
  • Continuation – The Gunbreaker unleashes an explosive attack on an area that can be used without any cartridges, but continuous use will build up heat in their body and begin to destroy their body from within if overused. Harmless to use if used sparingly.
  • Superbolide – A last resort ability, instantly grants the Gunbreaker maximum cartridges and fully removes any heat buildup from Continuation, as well as granting increased stamina regeneration and combat stats for a short time. However, after the effect ends, the Gunbreaker passes out for a long time.
  • Double Down – The Gunbreaker expends two cartridges to leap to a target area and blast the landing location.

Mystic Skill:

  • Ofuda Storm – The Mystic drains their entire stamina bar to throw a storm of explosive talismans at a location, throwing more talismans based on the amount of stamina drained. Cannot be cast with ranged weaponry.

Monk Skill:

  • Touch of Death – Strikes five critical pressure points on a target, instantly killing them after a brief delay.
  • Serenity – The monk focuses chi inwards, becoming invulnerable for a brief time.
  • Whistling Wind – The monk leaps evasively to a location while instantly granting themselves a large amount of Chi.

Nomad Skill:

  • Skirmisher’s Shot – The Nomad leaps towards a target while firing a precise shot from their bow.
  • Light Arrow – Shoots an arrow that deals major area damage.

Nomad/Striker Skill:

  • Riddle of Flame – The Nomad temporarily disables and drains their stamina pool, but gains maximum Chi.

Striker Skill:

  • Howling Fist – Strikes an enemy with a howling gale that deals damage, slows, and disarms.
  • Rockbreaker – Creates explosions centered around terrain or buildings in the area.

Warrior Skill:

  • Onslaught – Leaps to a location and deals damage in a small area around the landing point.
  • Infuriate – Grants the Warrior maximum Chi, but inflicts Inertia on them for a long time.
  • Inner Chaos – Deals massive damage in an area at the cost of inflicting themselves with Inertia for a moderate duration.
  • Shake It Off – Grants the Warrior a minor damage shield for a short time as well as granting them a brief immunity to pain and bleeding out, as well as cleansing themselves of Inertia.

Warrior/Guardian Skill:

  • Sheltron – The pawn takes on a defensive stance, blocking most incoming attacks for a brief moment.

Guardian Skill:

  • Tempered Will – The Guardian enables their stamina pool for a brief time, but silences themselves for the same duration.
  • Requiescat – The Guardian empowers themselves for a short time, increasing their casting speed and the damage of their offensive spells.
  • Confiteor – A finishing attack that deals damage in an area, then disables access to the stamina pool.

Guardian Spell:

  • Circle of Scorn – The Guardian causes themselves and all nearby creatures to start taking periodic damage for a short time. The Guardian can block this damage.

Deadeye Skill:

  • Grappling Hook – Targets distant buildings or terrain, then pulls the pawn to the new location.
  • One in the Chamber – The Deadeye instantly grants themselves a small amount of mana on a long cooldown.

Deadeye/Elemental Gunner Spell:

  • Bullet Time – Grants the caster Haste and increases to shooting speed for a short time.

Gambler Skill:

  • Royal Road – Deals damage in an area, then disables access to the stamina pool while enabling the mana pool.
  • Deck Blast – Deals major damage in an area, then inflicts Inertia and Silence on self.

Gambler Spell:

  • Sleeve Draw – Enables all of the Gambler’s resource pools for a short time.
  • Destiny – Instantly blinks to a location anywhere on the map.

Shadowbringer Skill:

  • Plunge – The Shadowbringer leaps to an area and summons Grave Blades at the landing location.
  • Blood Weapon – The Shadowbringer consumes Hate to grant themselves Haste.
  • Syphon Strike – The Shadowbringer consumes Hate to blast a nearby area, dealing damage and granting them increased mana regeneration for a short time.
  • Living Dead – Grants the Shadowbringer temporary immunity to pain and bleeding out, as well as a small damage shield.
  • Quietus – Strikes all adjacent enemies to deal damage and drain health.

Shadowbringer Spell:

  • Dark Mind – The Shadowbringer grants themselves damage reduction and increased outgoing spell damage for a short time.
  • Call of Darkness – The Shadowbringer expends mana to instantly grant themselves Hate.
  • Oblation – The Shadowbringer generates a surge of crackling energy that resolves into Grave Blades that repeatedly damage the nearby area.

Troubadour Skill:

  • Empyreal Arrow – Fires an arrow that extends the duration that the stamina pool is available.
  • Swiftsong – Grants Superspeed to an ally
  • Burst Shot – Fires an arrow that deals major damage to a single target.
  • Misery’s End – Fires a quick shot at a target that deals major damage, but reduces the duration that the stamina pool is active.
  • Apex Arrow – Fires an arrow that stuns targets in the area for a long duration, then ends access to the stamina pool.

Troubadour Spell:

  • Warden’s Paean – Grants a damage shield to an ally.
  • Impromptu – Grants temporary access to the stamina pool at a reduced capacity.

Spellthief Skill:

  • Pickpocket – Disarms a nearby target.

Ravenous Skill:

  • Second Stomach – Consumes Food and converts it into Acidosis.
  • Living Artillery – Consumes a large amount of Acidosis to bombard an area with toxic gas.
  • Throne of Gluttony – Suppresses the rest need in exchange for increasing hunger.

Ninja Spell:

  • Doton – The Ninja leaps to a location, then summons a ring of stone around them. If an enemy is targeted, they will deliver a flying kick, knocking the target back into the walls of stone, then trapping the target and the Ninja together for a short time, until the walls disperse.
  • Hyosho Ranryu – Throws three shuriken which deal major damage to a single target.

Warden Spell:

  • Magnetic Aura – Grants a shield to an ally that reflects projectiles. The shield lasts for a short time, or until it is broken by enemy fire.
  • Eruption – Targets buildings or terrain in an area, causing the earth to erupt and deal damage around them.
  • Churning Earth – lobs numerous boulders at a target location, dealing damage in an area.

Red Mage Spell:

  • Contre Sixte – Fires projectiles of concentrated energy at nearby enemies.

Black Mage Spell:

  • Aetherial Manipulation – Blinks to the side of a nearby pawn.
  • Manaward – The Black Mage shields themselves with mana, preventing all damage for a short time or until the shield is broken.
  • Despair – A spell that deals major damage to a single target. It has a long cast time, but no cost.
  • Sharpcast – A spell that instantly grants the Black Mage maximum stacks of Umbral Ice and Astral Fire.
  • Xenoglossy – A destructive spell that instantly deals massive damage in an area. It drains all of the Black Mage’s remaining mana pool, and disables their mana pool for an extended time after casting, but can be cast with 0 mana.

Chroma Mage Spell:

  • Chromatic Flash – A spell that buffs an ally with stealth, superspeed, and increased energy regeneration for a short time.

Ice Mage Spell:

  • Frost Armor – Grants an ally Frost Armor for a long duration of time. The armor grants slightly increased resistance against physical damage and greatly increased resistance against flames and heat. The armor grants a slight regenerative effect for as long as it stays active.

Fire Mage Spell:

  • Incinerate – Deals major fire damage to a single target. Recharges instantly if it overkills the target.

Lightning Mage Spell:

  • Overcharge – Grants a short burst of energy regeneration and movement speed to all pawns in an area.

Arcane Mage Spell:

  • Disarm – Manipulates the space around a target to forcibly disarm them.
  • Arcane Wall – Summons a temporary wall perpendicular to the caster.
  • Force Missile – Fires a spread of Magic Missiles at targets in an area, having a high chance of confusing targets.
  • Clear Mind – The Arcane Mage attunes to the elements, gaining a brief surge of mana regeneration.

Wind Mage Spell:

  • Fey Winds – Targets a location anywhere on the map, and instantly summons all pawns and items in a 7 cell radius to the caster.

Wanderer Spell:

  • Lucky Star – Grants the Wanderer a small amount of energy regeneration for a short time.

Priest Spell:

  • Flash Heal – The Priest casts a spell that delivers a massive amount of healing to a single target, fully healing most creatures.Priest/Cleric Spell:
  • Bless Item – Restores the health of an item on the ground and reverses any decay if it’s an item that rots over time. Tainted gear will no longer be tainted if it is restored to full health.

Summoner Spell:

  • Aspect Channeling– Allows a Summoner to target an area of pawns and summon a lesser elemental for each pawn in the cast radius.

Enchanter Spell:

  • Renew – Restores the health of an item on the ground and reverses any decay if it’s an item that rots over time. Tainted gear will no longer be tainted if it is restored to full health.

Chronomancer Spell:

  • Unstable Singularity – The Chronomancer rewinds the time of buildings and terrain in an area, instantly destroying them. Destroyed buildings leave behind an Unstable Singularity, which explodes after a short time.

Druid Spell:

  • Barkskin – Grants a target increased armor for a moderate duration, but also increased susceptibility to heat damage.
  • Tailwind – Grants a target increased attack speed for a short time.

Druid/Arbormancer Spell:

  • Miracle of Nature – Summons numerous young trees in a large area.

Arbormancer Spell:

  • Bramble Patch – The Arbormancer summons a temporary bramble patch in a location that damages anything crossing it. They can use it as a source of power for their other spells.

Demonkin Spell:

  • Eldritch Blast – Repeatedly blasts multiple targets in an area with dark magic. Can be learned by any Succubus or Warlock.

Oracle Spell:

  • Planetary Force – A spell that grants a single ally a number of powerful unique buffs, granting them huge general stat increases for a short time.
  • Grand Expanse – A spell that resurrects a recently deceased pawn.

Harbinger Spell:

  • Sacrificial Pact – The Harbinger targets a pawn and sacrifices their life, resurrecting another nearby pawn in exchange.

Scholar Spell:

  • Fey Blessing – Grants health regeneration to an ally. Summons the Spirit of Light if it’s away, or dismisses it if it’s active.
  • Guiding Light – Resurrects a recently deceased target.

Architect Spell:

  • Elemental Rift – Summons a rift that Elementals will pour out of until it is closed.

New Craftable Magical Items:

Stamina Potion – Temporarily increases a pawn’s maximum stamina to 500, while granting minor increases to stamina regeneration for the duration. Classes with situational stamina pools are instead increased from 0 to a baseline of 50. Stamina Potions are crafted with the same ingredients and research as Mana Potions.

Amulet of Perception – An amulet that halves ability cooldowns, but doubles their resource cost.

Amulet of Tranquility – An amulet that halves ability costs, but doubles cooldowns.

Amulet of Force – An amulet that greatly increases ability damage.

Amulet of Clarity – An amulet that increases stamina and mana regeneration.

New Magical Items (Rare Loot/Quest Rewards):

Child’s Teddy Bear – A magical teddy bear that has inherited the wish of a child. Can be used to summon a snowman at a target location. Has charges; can be refueled with silver.

Scroll of Enceladus – A single-use scroll that creates a steam geyser at a target location.

Belt of Extravagance – An artifact that creates a tile of mineable jade at a target location. Has charges; can be refueled with gold.

Belt of the Wilds – An artifact that creates a tree at a target location, even in places where trees can’t normally grow. Has charges; can be refueled with herbal medicine.

Ambusher’s Belt – An artifact that allows the wielder to quickly create explosive mines that last for a short time. Has charges; can be refueled with components.

Scroll of Triton – Single-use scroll that summons a permanent cooling source.

Scroll of Deimos – Single-use scroll that summons a permanent heat source.

Scroll of Io – Single-use scroll that summons a permanent power node.

Scroll of Ganymede – Single-use scroll that summons a permanent bright light that can be used to grow plants.

Scroll of Oblivion – Single-use scroll that summons an Elemental Rift, which will spawn hostile elementals as long as it’s active.

Archmage’s Receipt – Single-use item that creates an Arcane Capacitor at a target location.

Destruction Scroll: Skyfall – Single-use item that calls down a massive meteor onto a target location, obliterating everything nearby.

Shadow Essence – Grants stealth for a short time.

Compatibility notes

  • Raiders cast a lot of abilities with this mod. Adjust AI casting settings in RoM’s mod settings to make them cast more or less often.
  • If you’re encountering a problem with pawns having abilities from the wrong class, this is an issue with pawn generation. It’s usually caused by character editor mods, such as Prepare Carefully. That’s not an incompatibility with this mod, it’s an incompatibility with RoM in general. Saving and reloading may sometimes fix the issue. Another option is to devmode Remove Class, then manually give the pawn the desired class trait. Pressing the Reset Class button may also help.
  • Buggy casting, and skills not firing properly or not properly going on cooldown is a bug that is generally caused by mods that improperly utilize Vanilla Expanded Framework to add special attacks to animals, which messes with the casting mechanism of JecsTools/Rimworld of Magic. If you experience these problems, please bring it up with the creators of these mods, or VEF.
  • Issues with hediffs not ticking properly are probably caused by Rim73. Disable hediff changes to stop this.
  • Issues with flickering resource bars are probably caused by Performance Optimizer. Disable Gizmo changes to stop this.
  • Prepare Carefully has an issue where class traits aren’t readable due to a large list of incompatible traits. Prepare Carefully can also cause a few other issues with this mod and vanilla RoM. Character Editor is recommended instead.

Should be fine to add mid-save. Here’s the generic troubleshooting process, try these solutions first before anything else:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of Rimworld of Magic and Rimworld.
  2. If you’re having trouble with a class not having the correct abilities, try resetting the class by going into Dev Mode, then enabling Godmode and going into either the class’s Might or Magic tab, and reset their class. Reset both the Magic and Might tabs if you need to for a dual-class. That should solve most one-time load issues if you add the mod mid-save.

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