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RimWorld of Magic Mod

Author of the RimWorld of Magic Mod: Torann

The RimWorld of Magic Mod aims to increase the diversity of combat in RimWorld by providing player (and AI) with abilities that change the outcome of a battle.  With cosmic horrors, abominations, roving bands of cutthroat pirates, and interstellar apocalypse robots lurking around every corner, your colonists might just need a bit of magic to get through the day!

RimWorld of Magic Mod features

This mod currently adds 11 unique magic classes: The Fire mage, Ice mage, Lightning mage, and Arcane mage, Paladin, Summoner, Druid, Necromancer, Warlock/Succubus, Bard and Priest.
The mod also includes 6 unique combat classes: The Gladiator, Sniper, Ranger, Faceless, Psionic and Bladedancer.

Most skills are independent of weapons and can be used as long as the pawn has sufficient mana (or stamina).  Physical fighters, like the Gladiator, receive damage bonuses depending on the quality of their weapon, some of these skills can be used without a weapon while others cannot.  Each tree specializes in a specific area, with each line providing a variety of buffs, debuffs, attacks, and utility.

All magic abilities require mana that will slowly regenerate, but can also be rapidly replenished with mana potions. Mana potions are very addictive and also require talented crafters and a large variety of ingredients, so they can be quite hard to come by, but can help out in a pinch when you just need another spell or two.

Combat abilities require stamina to perform.  These skills are generally less “costly” and can be used more frequently than magic spells, but are typically less spectacular.

Specially marked pawns (possessing the “Magically gifted” trait) may attune themselves to an elemental tree by reading arcane scripts. These scripts are costly, but can be found being sold by the occasional exotic goods trader. Two events are included that will provide unique, challenging ways to acquire arcane components. Pawns with natural physical capabilities can learn different combat forms to increase their proficiency in combat.

Pawns may only attune to a single element or combat style, once attuned, the “gifted” or “physical prodigy” trait disappears and the pawn will refuse to learn another element or combat style.

Mages can be hard to come by, requiring some luck and considerable expense to acquire.  Pawns with the basic traits (physical adept, magically gifted) can be promoted to an advanced trait by using an arcane script.  Pawns possessing advanced traits are much less common.  Arcane books and mana potions are appropriately expensive, but if you opt for torn scripts it can be less costly.
In addition, mana is a valuable resource, where a player must choose the correct time and place to use abilities.

Most abilities have an inherent randomness – while not necessarily a chance for backlash, it’s still a mystical power and doesn’t always behave as expected.



Fire tree grants deadly area affect attacks, but can be unpredictable and difficult to hit with. It also has a tendency to fires!

  • Fireball: massive, long range, slow moving explosive that devastates a large area.
  • Firebolt: launches a single bolt of mage fire at the target, likely to set the target on fire.
  • Fireclaw: generates a wave of fire that expands as it extends.
  • Ray of Hope: generates a small mood improvement and increased work productivity.
  • Master Spell: Firestorm – fiery rain of death and destruction, can only be learned from a master spell scroll.

Learnable spells:

  • Dry Ground: dries up mud, marsh and shallow water to usable soil


Ice, though not directly powerful, is useful by decreasing the enemies ability to move and fight with debilitating side effects, and is the perfect element when backed by more conventional fighters.

  • Snowball: launch a ball of compacted snow and ice that shatters, causing damage and movement debuffs.
  • Icebolt: single target shard of ice that shatters on impact, causing massive bleeding and frostbite.
  • Frost Ray: beam of super cooled particles that damages and freezes targets, rendering them nearly immobile.
  • Soothe: buff that calms and concentrates pawns.
  • Rainmaker: as simple as it sounds, this spell can cause atmospheric conditions to change, making it rain.
  • Master Spell: Blizzard – summon a mighty blizzard to bury your foes in snow and ice.

Learnable spells:

  • Moisturize ground: infuses sand with nutrients and water to produce usable soil


Lightning generates dangerous weather conditions, whether its a lightning storm that strikes friends and foes alike in a target area, or a deadly cloud of electricity that stuns and damages all within. Even more random than fire, though not quite as direct.

  • Lightning storm: summons a lightning storm (near) the target location where lightning bolts randomly and rapidly strike any unlucky enough to be in the storm.
  • Lightning cloud: creates a large cloud that has a chance to stun and slightly damage any inside the cloud.
  • Lightning bolt: single target bolt of lighting that strikes the target.
  • AMP: Buff that energizes colonists, allowing them to work faster, longer, and harder than before. Rapidly causes fatigue.

Learn-able spells:

  • Charge Battery: converts magical energy to electrical energy and stores it in a battery


Arcane is the master of movement and utility. Abilities within this tree will provide an edge on positioning and controlling the battlefield just as well as easing the burden of mundane tasks.

  • Blink: instantly moves the caster pawn to a distant location.
  • Summon: can be used to summon both pawns (friend, foe, and animals alike) and objects to the caster from distant locations.
  • Mass Teleport: creates a portal that allows rapid movement across the world at the cost of mana alone. Does not have the range as the common transport pod, but is powered by the arcane and is not as limited to the same physical restraints of space and weight.
  • Shadow: a shadowy assistant that augments every day tasks for colonists, however, it creates a creepy sensation, like you’re always being watched!


The Paladin wields an assortment of combat and support abilities and is a diverse front-line fighter.

  • Heal: Quickly mends the wounds of allies but will not cure disease or illness.
  • Shield: Self only, short term shield that prevents damage without preventing combat capability.
  • Valiant Charge: The Paladin launches into combat with the wings of an angel and lands with earth shattering force.
  • Overwhelm: Invokes a holy image that overwhelms the senses of any nearby creature.

Combat Classes


The Gladiator is a stamina based melee fighter that thrives in the thick of combat.

  • Sprint: Increases movement speed for a short time.
  • Fortitude: Persistent, self buff that mitigates a set amount of damage from each blow and converts it to stamina.
  • Grappling Hook: Yanks an opponent in and performs a combo attack that knocks the opponent down.
  • Cleave: Based largely on Jecrell’s Cleave from his Werewolf mod, performs a melee strike on an enemy and any other opponents nearby – damage is based on weapon quality.
  • Whirlwind: The Gladiator hurls forward in a flurry of attacks, striking ruthlessly and rapidly.


The summoner fills the role of strategic defense of the colony, able to summon a myriad of magical defenses and creatures.

  • Summon Minion: summons an otherworldly creature that can help with basic labor and will even fight (but don’t trust them too far).
  • Summon Pylon: creates a defensive turret that harnesses the flow of arcane energy to send bursts of power at any oncoming foes.
  • Summon Mana Mine: creates a land mine out of compressed mana to reinforce chockepoints.
  • Summon Elemental: summons a deadly elemental that defends its master; the type of elemental is random between 4 different elements, each with unique traits.


The druid is primarily a support class focused on the health and wellness of the colonists, but also has several unique ways to assist in a fight.

  • Poison: manipulates biological matter to create a toxin that attacks through the bloodstream, the more the target moves, the faster the toxin works.
  • Beguile Animal: A dual purposed spell that can command animals into an enraged state, or calm them back into pacificity.
  • Regeneration: heals a target over time, not as direct as the paladin’s heal, but can restore even the most severe injuries given enough time.
  • Cure Disease: the druid is able to harness command over nature to stall or even remove diseases from the body; only affects natural diseases and has no control over mechanite diseases.
  • Master Spell: Regrow Limb – the druid is able to perform a complex operation that can regrow extremities.


The sniper is a master of long range, small arms combat – possessing a range of precision abilities that exploits enemy weaknesses

  • Sniper Training: through skill, dedication, and training the sniper is able to passively increase ranged combat skill.
  • Headshot (vital shot): targets an enemy weak point with the intent to deliver a lethal strike to a vital organ on the target (will target other detected weak points if the “head” isn’t a weak-point).
  • Disabling shot: non lethal shot that knocks down an enemy temporarily, can also includes a tranquilizer for longer term sedation.
  • Anti-Armor shot: anti armor rounds containing nanites that destroy armor, very effective against armored enemies, not so effective against everything else. Can be combined with explosive tips for more wide spread damage to armored targets.


Through dedicated training, the bladedancer excels at rapid hit and run tactics, but lags in a sustained fight.

  • Body training: Physical training allows the bladedancer to improve movement and dodge chance as an enduring, passive buff.
  • Blade training: Training in their art, the bladedancer increases lethality with melee weapons.
  • Blade Spin: delivers a rapid swing around the bladedancer, striking all nearby enemies – damage improves with weapon quality and pawn fitness levels.
  • Seismic Slash: launch an attack that creates rips in the fabric of reality along an attack vector.
  • Phase Strike: Using mastery over body and blade, the bladedancer cuts through reality to appear at a distant location, instantly striking all targets around the exit point.


Necromancers prefer to create an army of undead to accomplish their tasks, focusing their skills on the manipulation and destruction of corpses.

  • Raise undead: raises dead pawns or animals to do their bidding; undead lose many of the traits that made them unique, but gain peculiar strengths that allow them disregard any needs they had while living while also slowly regenerating injuries.
  • Fog of torment: creates a deadly cloud that causes severe pain and likely death for any living that remain inside the fog; undead are healed by the fog.
  • Death Mark: a powerful spell that can turn any living creature into an undead to serve the necromancer; difficult to master and frequently resisted but the effects pay off when successful.
  • Corpse Explosion: mixing arcane power and biological chemicals inside of an undead or a corpse, the necromancer can cause the corpse to explode after a brief period.


A support class that excels at improving the health of colonists.

  • Advanced Heal: similar to the Paladin’s heal, except it can be leveled higher and is more potent.  Points invested in Advanced Heal also apply to Heal, if the Priest acquires the Heal spell through a scroll.
  • Purify: Cleanses many deep seated injuries and natural human conditions.  It also has the power to help reduce or remove addiction withdrawals.
  • Healing Circle: creates a temporary circle that generates waves of healing power.
  • Bestow Might: Powerful, single target buff that enhances many combat related attributes.
  • Resurrection (master): revives a recently deceased pawn.  Effects are similar to resurrection serum but, through skill improvements, the likelihood of resurrection sickness effects can be reduced.


The Ranger is a versatile class; able to form a bond with an animal and readily faces the many hardships of RimWorld.

  • Ranger Training: surviving in the wilds can teach the ranger many useful skills.
  • Bow Mastery: training with the bow increases the overall lethality when using bows.
  • Poison Trap: using skills learned in fieldcraft, the ranger can emplace traps filled with druidic poison to impare and disuade enemies.  The ranger’s skill at emplacing these traps puts mechanical sensors to shame.
  • Animal Bond: forms a bond with an animal of the wild that benefits both ranger and beast.
  • Arrow Storm: launches a volley of arrows at a target, but cannot be used without a bow.


Faceless excel at manipulation, perception, and deception; through their cunning tactics, they can take the strength of another and make it their own.

  • Deception: exploiting knowledge of how the pawn mind perceives things, the faceless are able to blend into the canopy, becoming just another harmless object to an observer – making themselves all but invisible. Performing hostile actions will break the deception.
  • Mimic: creates an imitation of a fighter or mage skill; can be used on enemy or friendly pawns alike to acquire a one-time-use ability.
  • Reversal: reverses the kinetic energy of projectile and melee attacks back towards the attacker for a short time.
  • Transpose: the faceless takes the place of another pawn and forces the other pawn to take its place.
  • Possess: confuses and causes doubt in the mind of a target pawn to gain (limited) control over their body; possession can also be used to enhance the physical capability of a willing host.


The Warlock and Succubus are two sides to the same coin and they gain their power through a partial transformation using demon blood.  Males will become warlocks and gain powerful telekinetic and psychic powers, while females will become succubi and gain increased control over physical energy (this is not lore based, but selected for simplicity in the mod).  Some powers are shared between the two, while others are unique.

  • Soul Bond (shared): At the core of the class, demon-kin gain their power through contracts and can boost their stats through this bond, in exchange, the bonded pawn loses stats, but gains an improved outlook as some of their concerns are also stripped away (mood boost).
  • Shadow Call (shared, requires a soul bond): immediately summons the bonded pawn to the demonkin.
  • Shadow Step (shared, requires a soul bond): the demonkin immediately travels to the bonded pawn.
  • Shadow Bolt (shared): fires a bolt wreathed in darkness that decays everything it touches
    Dominate (shared): clouds a targets mind in fear which can easily spread to other pawns; dominate takes different forms of attack – the succubus dominate causes extreme physical frailty while the warlock reduces consciousness and can inflict status ailments.
  • Attraction (Succubus): creates a whirlpool of darkness that draws any nearby pawn into the center and slows their movement.
  • Repulsion (Warlock): blasts all nearby pawns outward from the epicenter, as if struck by a massive force.
  • Scorn (master, Succubus): the succubus briefly transforms into a demoness, gaining the power of flight to travel across the map and unleash her wrath in a blast of energy.
  • Psychic Shock (master, Warlock): a warlock releases a devastating wave of psychic energy that rebounds from the mind of every pawn it touches; any enemy pawns caught in this shockwave can suffer brain damage and all pawns are briefly stunned.

In addition, the warlock and succubus shared a powerful, hidden ability that requires interaction from both classes to cast. Due to their method of gaining power, both the warlock and succubus are afflicted by quirks.


The psionic is a combat class that also has an aptitude for psychic sensitivity and must have above normal sensitivity to become a psionic; however, psionics gain an additional reserve of energy and can combine physical attacks with psionic energy for tremendous results.

  • Psionic Blast: harnessing raw psionic energy, the psionic projects a small wave of psionic power that detonates on impact.
  • Psionic Dash: by loading their muscles with psionic energy, the psionic can dash a short distance in a flash with each step releasing a wave of power.
  • Psionic Barrier: creates a barrier around the psionic that stops all projectiles; training in this skill allows the psionic to create this barrier at a chosen location.
  • Psionic Storm: expends all reserves of psionic energy to rain down a storm of psionic blasts on a target area.

In addition to their considerable abilities, the psionic is able to augment all physical activity with psionic power.  This allows a psionic to move or work at boosted speeds for short periods, and increases combat effectiveness, especially when unarmed.

To balance some of the benefit class abilities will grant your colony, raider mages can also cast spells, adding new challenges and dangers to RimWorld.

There are several stand-alone spells that can also be learned by any trained mage, though they remain at their base ability. Once the scroll is acquired to learn it, these spells currently include:
Rain, Blink, Teleport, Heal, Draw Heat, Dispel Heat, Smoke Cloud, Extinguish, EMP, Summon Minion, Siphon mana, Transfer mana, Mana shield

The RimWorld of Magic Mod comes with several options that allow several variables to be adjusted to match your play style.

Check out the Official Discord Channel for RimWorld of Magic!

Additional credits:

  • Torann
  • DrMrEd – Elemental Art
  • SihvMan – writable scrolls and books
  • Draegon – Wand Art
  • Diannetea – Poppi Art
  • Angry Wizard – UI Icons

Special Thanks: Jecrell, Roxxploxx, henk, rainyface, UnlimitedHugs, Toketsu, Chjees, Mehni, HarryD, Canute.


Version 1.5
RimWorld of Magic Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5

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