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RimFantasy – Medieval Overhaul Edition Mod

Author of the RimFantasy – Medieval Overhaul Edition Mod: Sierra

For the longest time, civilizations dismissed magic as wild fantasies and superstitious tribal beliefs. That is until one day, an incident occurred in a gemstone mine, which led to the discovery that gemstones have a natural affinity with magic, and could be imbued with magical energies to produce spectacular effects.

Since then, the value of gemstones reached unimaginable heights and can be commonly found in the most prosperous cities and in the hands of the most skilled warriors.

RimFantasy – Medieval Overhaul Edition Mod features

  • Magical weapons with powers.
  • Magical furniture for lighting areas.
  • Magical furniture for regulating temperature.
  • Magical defences for protecting colonies.

Compatibility notes

This version of RimFantasy has been reworked and rebalanced to adhere to Medieval Overhaul standards. It is no longer modular and includes new/altered/removed content.

  • [Incompatible – RimFantasy (Original Series)] The Medieval Overhaul Edition supersedes the original series for usage with Medieval Overhaul. Will cause game breaking issues if used together.
  • [Moderate Incompatibility – Simple Sidearms] Overrides the way bladelink weapons work and breaks the no-bond mechanics of arcane weapons. “Allow use of blocked weapons” can be turned on in settings as a workaround.

Balance & Bug Reports:
Balance feedbacks are welcomed, please provide context when doing so.
Bug reports must come with HugsLogs, join the Discord if you don’t know how to generate one.
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Additional credits:

  • SirLalaPyon for their amazing, high quality vanilla styled art.
  • Taranchuk for their C# code magic that allows for various fancy features.
  • Brrainz for their contributions to the modding community.
  • Oskar/Vanilla Expanded team for the framework.
  • Steve for their contributions that helped to shape RimFantasy the mod it is today.

(CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

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