Medieval Overhaul Mod

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Authors of the Medieval Overhaul Mod: SirLalaPyon, Arisher, Bodiah

The Medieval Overhaul Mod is mainly inspired by Medieval Times, Battle Brothers, KeeperRL, Thea, and Crossroads Inn. It adds some features of each game/mod, catered to my preferences.

The main goal of this mod is to prolong and enhance the medieval and tribal experience of rimworld. Making it more enjoyable, especially for medieval peeps like me.

  • Unfertilized egg market values are nerfed to the point where they can actually make profit when making meals
  • Grass drops hay
  • Simple research bench retextured
  • Removed unused leathers
  • Removed steel, plasteel, and components mineable spawns


  • Flak vest, Gambeson, Padded surcoat has human leather thoughts
  • You will have errors if you edit the tavern owner scenario, I currently have no idea to fix this
  • This overhaul will be incompatible with any other mod that touches steel, silver and gold defs
  • Any mod that retextures the simple research bench, Steel, and Gold. Place this mod below it to override their retexture.
  • Due to the way I remade the meals and plants, any other plant mod will not fit with the design but is compatible

Q: Why did you add too many weapons?
A: Weapons are researched locked in tiers to promote a sense of progression and also enable the player to choose their weapon specialization. Soon weapons will have custom abilities and the research locks will make more sense.

Q: Does this mod block research?
A: It does not.

Q: But why?
A: My mod will rely on rimedieval for limiting of tech

Q: Why do we need electricity for the scribe’s table?
A: You need to build a birdpost to generate electricity for the scribe’s table. This is for immersion

Q: Is this compatible with VE Medieval?
A:Yes, the onehanded weapons are configured to be useable with their shields

Q: is this compatible with erins mods and VE mods ?
A: It is compatible but no patches are made yet for erin’s animals to drop hides and hide the similarities between my mod and some of VE’s mod

This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.

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