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Xml Patch Helper Mod

Author of the Xml Patch Helper Mod: Smash Phil

The Xml Patch Helper Mod is a tool that allows you to validate or generate XPath based PatchOperations in-game so you can see exactly what your PatchOperation will look like and/or what the result will be.

Xml Patch Helper Mod features

After helping other modders in the RimWorld development discord channel for nearly 3 years, I figured it would be better to just provide a hands on tool that visualizes how patch operations work, as well as what your XPath is selecting.

“The color for the Xml text is ugly!”
You can change it in the mod settings.

Disclaimer: This is a modder tool, it has no impact on gameplay.

Github Release

I’m also making a game! So feel free to check it out if you like my mods.


Version 1.4

Older versions:

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