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One bed to sleep with all Mod

Author of the One bed to sleep with all Mod: Densevoid

Let your pawns enjoy a real harem! With the One bed to sleep with all Mod now you can turn on a polygamy mode for double beds. On this bed, you can assign only one colonist who will be called a master. But all other colonists, who are in a loving relationship with them, will line up and take turns spending sleep time with a master. The rest of the time they sleep in their own separate bed.

One bed to sleep with all Mod features

Conditions for partners changing:

  1. A master must go to bed
  2. A master must lie in bed for a certain time. By default, 4 hours, but this value can be changed in the mod settings.
  3. No one should stay in bed

Thanks to this mod, pawns stop getting debuff for sleeping alone. During the development of the mod, I learned that in a vanilla game, this debuff can also be avoided if you simply put all lovers in one room. But to change a bed partner, you would still have to change the appointments manually. Now this will happen automatically. In addition, it becomes possible to settle lovers in different rooms.

First of all, the mod is designed for a game with DLC Ideology with a percept that allows you to have several spouses. But seeing that there was already a “Polyamory Beds” mod before the DLC was released, I concluded that players somehow create polygamous relationships for themselves without DLC.

Compatibility notes

It should be placed after mods that add new beds.

Conflicts and bugs are most likely with mods that interact with assigments on the bed.

It is not designed for simultaneous play with the mod “Polyamory Beds”.

Translation: Russian language is supported.


Version 1.5
One bed to sleep with all Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5


Older versions:

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