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Titular Royalty Mod

Author of the Titular Royalty Mod: Canon

The Titular Royalty Mod adds titles to the player faction you can grant to your pawns with the Staff of Royalty (Requires Royalty, duh)
In order to craft the Staff of Royalty at a smithy you will need the Smithing technology

Titular Royalty Mod features

  • The Staff of Royalty, use the ranged ability to give your colonists titles!
  • a custom title list, based off real noble titles.
  • custom titles for your own pawns, finally your supreme leader can be a King
  • Mod Settings to change between title sets
  • Custom Titles (not integrated into the ui but available in debug options)
How to use Custom Titles:
  1. Ensure you have development mode on in the Rimworld settings
  2. If you subscribed before the update make sure steam has updated the mod, you can tell because the preview image has changed in the modlist
  3. Load into or start a new colony and open the debug actions menu
  4. Under the mods category you will see 2 options “TR: Try to change title” and “TR: Reset Custom Titles”
  5. Try to change title will let you select a title to change and reset custom titles will reset all the titles to default
  6. Once you have changed the titles as you wish, save your colony and re load it to apply the changes, it might not appear in some GUIs however
  • Kingdom (Default)
  • Empire (Same as kingdom except the King is the Emperor)
  • Roman (WIP, only half complete feel free to suggest some replacements for the unchanged titles)
  • Titlelists have a priority above the default name but are overwritten by your custom names.
  • Finish Roman Title sets (Finish Late Empire and add Byzantine variant)
  • Titleset that contains Royalty’s Fallen Empire’s titles instead of the medieval ones
  • Custom Title names (maybe)
  • Rick G. for the staff texture, is an absolute lad
  • Lavakookie for moral support
  • Tynan for being annoying and locking the player faction out of some royalty code (coughcough permits)
  • Alpha Memes devs because I may or may not have taken some of their GUI code and modified
    it to make the title selector

Github Link: https://github.com/CanonOverseer/Rimworld-Titular-Royalty-Mod/


Version 1.5
Titular Royalty Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5


Older versions:

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