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Automatic Job Titles Mod

Author of the Automatic Job Titles Mod: SineSwiper

Your colonists come from all walks of life, with different backstories. But, what they were from their backstories doesn’t exactly reflect who they are now in your colony. Maybe they were a slave in a previous life, but you’re tired of seeing that title every time a pawn message pops up.

They need a new job title. However, thinking of job titles is hard sometimes, and if you have a larger colony, it can end up being a lot of work. The Automatic Job Titles Mod provides an avenue to create fun and creative job titles for your colony members. Better yet, if you forget to think of a job title, they’ll figure out one for you.

Job titles will be based around their work priorities, passions, and skills, using a catalog of adjectives and nouns. Sometimes, the title is goofy or not the right fit. But, hey, that’s RimWorld, baby! It’s certainly better than your “legendary” dining chair, with an engraving of a burglar riding a great dane wearing a bow tie holding a pair of throwing knives, in a mosaic, pixelated style, showcasing 6 fly-ridden pirate corpses, while 18 penguins, eating bell peppers, look on in the distance.

You can always just randomize the title and figure out which one you want, or blank it out and let them decide next time.

Automatic Job Titles Mod features

  • Pawns will think of a job title automatically (as a low priority idle job), based on their work priorities, passions, and skills
  • Job titles (and names) can be randomized in the new name/title dialog window
  • Hundreds of different adjectives/nouns to make tens of thousands of different job title combinations
  • Customizable in the mod configuration screen
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