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Avali Race Mod

Authors of the Avali Race Mod: Erisss, FacePlus

The Avali Mod adds a new race: the Avali are a race of small fluffy nomadic pack hunters with bad temper and specific comfort temperature range.

Avali Race features

The Avali are a race of 3 feet tall (90 cm) ammonia-based creatures from planet Avalon. Check out the Official Avali Wiki to learn more about them!


  • Speed (they move in two times faster then vanilla humans so they can easily run away from most predators).
  • Damage (all their weapons, melee and ranged causes far more damage than vanilla weapons, but they’re much more expensive. Moreover, each avali has talons on each arm and leg and also they can bite).
  • Great hearing.
  • Their tech level.
  • Their skills can be several times higher than vanilla humans’ skills.
  • Most avali have Guardian Nanites which give them immunity to certain types of diseases.
  • Avali can eat raw meat and awful quality food (nutrient paste, for example) without negative thoughts. However, food poisoning is still possible.
  • Significantly higher mental break threshold than vanilla humans.
  • Avali lifespan is 120 years.


  • Poor eyesight (50% worse than humans).
  • Fragile.
  • Diseases for avali are much more dangerous than for vanilla humans.
  • Hauling capacity (without body modifications they can haul only 45 units of stuff at once).
  • They perform some types of work, for example, construction and digging, 2 times slower than vanilla humans.
  • Other races, such as humans, do not get along with them (most Avali have “Abrasive” trait).
  • Without armor or body modifications they are much more physically weaker than vanilla humans, and accordingly very bad in melee (2-3 club beats are enough to make an avali unconscious).
  • They cannot wear most human clothing due to their size and body structure.
  • They have huge debuffs to their mood from a pack mate death.
  • Their comfort temperature range goes from -60ºC (-76ºF) to -35ºC(-31ºF), which should be taken into account when choosing a landing location.
  • They can’t survive on oxygen atmosphere planets without life support belt of armor with life support system.
  • Most of all their stuff, specially midgame-endgame stuff, requires plasteel and is very component-hungry.

Features included with the Avali Mod

  • Race-specific thoughts.
  • Race-specific backstories.
  • Race-specific researches (available for other races too!).
  • Avali “pack system”.
  • Racial melee weapons (dagger, shortsword, longsword, spear, hammer).
  • Racial ranged weapons (pilum, pistol, SMG, assault rifle, shotgun, sniper rifle, minigun, rocket launcher).
  • Racial apparel.
  • Racial furniture.
  • Racial workbenches.
  • 3 new turrets.
  • Own modular hydroponics (aeroponics).
  • Tents (leather and cloth walls).
  • Several types of racial plants.
  • New power generator (running track).
  • Several types of racial foods (Avali will get a mood boost when eating their own kind of food).
  • Body modifications (including with a complete replacement of the head and body) and augments.
  • Nanite body modifications.
  • All Avali weapons have DNA detector on trigger so only the owner can shoot (and only the owner can remove ownership). However, Avali weapons can be hacked to erase user info, hacking requires high intellectual skill level (>10) and a lot of time. However, Avali can hack their racial weapons 2 times faster.
  • Avali colonists have special tab related to their packs.
  • Each pack has a certain specialization and its members receive different benefits that improve some of those stats. The more pack members can hear each other – the bigger those benefits (more info in FAQ).

Compatibility notes

The Avali Mod is compatible with all the following mods:

  • Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering (load after Avali).
  • Rah’s Bionics and Surgery Expansion (load after Avali).
  • Feed the Colonists (load before Avali).
  • Bulk Cooking (load before Avali).
  • Mass Cooking (load before Avali).
  • Expandable Plants (load before Avali).
  • Glitter Tech (armors and shield belts) (load before Avali).
  • Combat Extended with this patch (load order: Avali -> Combat Extended -> Patch).

Additional credits: C# and XML code by Erisss, Graphics by FacePlus, Avali race by RyuujinZERO, Special thanks to eagle0600 for XML fixes and  Jaffer Roshak for the creation of a very early version of this mod.

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