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Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering Mod (EPOE)

Author of the Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering Mod (EPOE): Ykara

The Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering Mod (EPOE) gives you the ability to craft your own prostheses and artificial organs. If your colonists tend to lose their organs very often, this mod is for you!

Starting with basic prostheses like a peg leg or a hook hand, you can research everything you can think about: simple prostheses like the vanilla ones and some new ones, bionic body parts and even advanced bionics made out of a new, valuable material: Vancidium. But to get advanced bionics you have to do a lot of research work and they are also pretty expensive to get.

You can research and craft surrogate and synthetic organs, so your colonists can have all their kidneys again!

Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering Mod features

  • Craft prostheses! There is a wide array of them, from hook hands to advanced bionic parts.
  • Craft organs! Go from rudimentary surrogate organs to high tech synthetic organs!
  • Cure brain damage using late game brain implants!
  • Treat bad backs!
  • All new craft rejection and prostheses accustoming system available separately!
  • An all new material: Vancidium. Upgrade bionics with this extremely valuable material!
  • Tons of new research projects!

New traders

  • Textile trader
  • Prostheses trader

New body parts

  • Hook hands
  • Silent jaw
  • Brain stimulator
  • Bionic spines
  • Bionic hands and feet
  • Advanced bionic eyes
  • Medical ribs
  • Exoskeleton suits
  • … and many more!

New workbenches

  • Basic prosthetics table
  • Simple prosthetics table
  • Advanced prosthetics table
  • Surrogates table
  • Bionics table

Become Frankenstein! Harvest organs and install them somewhere else! Not brutal enough? Mince spare natural body parts at the butcher table! The EPOE mod adds tons of new content, and will keep you entertained for countless hours while perfectly blending in with the vanilla atmosphere!

Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering Mod

Compatibility notes

The Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering Mod is not compatible with any mod that modifies the Bodies and BodyParts defs. But it is compatible with Glitter Tech and A Dog Said mods.

The EPOE Mod should be placed as low as possible in the mod order!

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