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NoPower Comms Console Mod

Authors of the NoPower Comms Console Mod: Sulusdacor, Meltup

As the name suggests, the NoPower Comms Console Mod adds a new type of comms console and other furniture that don’t require power to function. Well, technically, you’ll be using animals to power them.

NoPower Comms Console Mod features

  • Adds 1 message table (comms console).
  • Adds 1 bird cage (needs food to feed him, powers comms console literally).
  • Adds 2 type of trade markers (orbital trade beacons, one fueled, one not).
  • Adds 1 research project (all buildings in this mod need this as prerequisite).
  • Adds 1 recipe to stonecutters table to craft glow crystals (requires level 10 crafting). It’s a more alternate way to get them if u have bad luck with traders.

The NoPower Comms Console Mod is mostly a cosmetic mod intended for tribal/medieval runs. It does not override the vanilla comms console or orbital trade beacon.

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