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Not My Fault Mod

Author of the Not My Fault Mod: Krimpus Perinium

Picture this – You get a new notification, a trade a caravan! How exciting! Except… No, guys, please don’t walk through the cave filled to the brim with angry genetically engineered insects… Aaaand your visitors are all dead. And now their faction hates you for some reason.

Not My Fault Mod features

“Not My Fault” is a simple mod. It removes the -5 penalty you get from visitors dying on your map tile due to events you had no control over.

No more faction reputation loss because your visitors picked a fight with a wild man-hunting grizzly bear. Or perhaps they lit themselves on fire because they somehow missed the fact that a dry thunderstorm turned your rice fields into a raging inferno. Or maybe one of their own has a mental break and decides to go on a grenade throwing spree.

Either way, you wouldn’t have been penalised if this happened on the tile directly adjacent to your map. Why should you be punished for it now?

It should be noted that this mod does NOT remove penalties for intentionally harming visitors. That being said, this is still not a “balanced” mod in that there are definitely ways to exploit this system. Up to you how you would like to use it.


Programmer: Vesper
Commissioner: Foxy Carter

Compatibility notes

As the mod replaces the -5 faction penalty in the vanilla source code with 0, there should be no issues with mod compatibility.

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