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RPG Style Inventory Mod

Authors of the RPG Style Inventory Mod: Sandy, Ashen

This mod replaces the vanilla Gear tab UI with an RPG style inventory screen. It also displays small icons denoting if the apparel is worn by corpse or is forced to wear.

Now supports A Rimworld of Magic. Code provided by that mod’s author, Torann.

No longer RPG style inventory. It’s more like the iconic or visual representation of the Gear Tab.

It’s just an UI mod. You can add/remove it from existing saves without issues.

Added Features

– Added color-coding to identify item’s quality
Legendary – Orange
Masterwork – Cyan
Excellent – Purple
Good – Green
Normal – Blue
Poor – Pale Yellow
Awful – Black
– Added support for race mods
– Added a color change in apparel’s health bar, to show if its a tattered one.
– Added support for Boots and Stuff mod.
– Added support for Dual Wield and Simple Slavery mods.
– Added support for Jetpack, Jewelry and Celsius & Fahrenheit mods.
– Added mod settings to adjust the gear tab size. Dont need to restart the game.
– Added support for A Rimworld of Magic, by Torann.
– Remade the mod to support almost all of the apparel mods, like VAE, Shields & Underwhere.

Known Issues

– Mechanoid gear tab crashed the game – FIXED.
– Conflicts with Smart Medicine, not game breaking, just the “Stock up settings” option in Gear tab is missing when used with my mod – FIXED, Thanks to Uuugggg for providing support for this mod.
– Didnt work with other race mods – FIXED, Thanks to Mehni.
– It is compatible with Simple Sidearms. Simple Sidearms has its own UI to show the sidearms. my mod only shows the currently equipped weapon, whether main weapon or sidearms.
– It isnt compatible with Combat Extended mod, bcoz both mods patch the gear tab.
– For CE compatibility, Thanks to Yithend21 for uploading a CE version: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1792460604. Dont use both versions at the same time.

Load Order:
– It doesn’t matter. If any issues come, try to load the mod near the bottom.
– If you are using A Rimworld of Magic mod, load RPG inventory after that mod.

Mods used in preview images:
– Harmony
– Hugslib
– JecsTools
– A Rimworld of Magic
– Jewelry
– RimHUD
– Dual Wield
– Combat Shields
– Smart Medicine
– Simple Sidearms
– Apparello 2
– Underwhere
– Boots and Stuff
– Vanilla Armor Expanded
– Vanilla Apparel Expanded
– Advanced Shield Belts
– JetPack (Continued)
– Medieval Times Unofficial Update
– Mercer’s Backpacks (Continued)


– Sandy


– Everyone in rimworld discord community who helped me with the mod. Thanks guys.
– Mehni, for the “One patch to rule them all”, which made the mod work on other races.
– master_wu(publicuser), for Simplified Chinese translation.
– kerong08ng, for Traditional Chinese translation.
– ArkTarusov, for Russian translation.
– Saebbi, for helping with CE patch.
– Nylux, for French translation.
– Yithend21, for the CE version.
– Torann, for providing code for A Rimworld of Magic mod.
– Jackobe93, for Czech translation.


Version 1.5
RPG Style Inventory Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5

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