RimWorld 1.2

Fluffy Breakdowns Mod

Fluffy Breakdowns Mod

Fluffy Breakdowns Mod replaces random breakdowns with a maintenance requirement. Fluffy Breakdowns Mod features Buildings using components will now gradually deteriorate. The odds of a breakdown happening (and requiring replacement components), is directly linked to the amount of deterioration. To… 18Beta 19
Dubs Bad Hygiene Mod

Dubs Bad Hygiene Mod

The Dubs Bad Hygiene Mod adds a sewage system, toilets, bathing, hygiene related needs and mood effects, central heating, water, irrigation, fertilizer, air conditioning, hot tubs, kitchen sinks… you name it! Compatibility notes The Dubs Bad Hygiene Mod is multiplayer…
RimCities Mod (1)

RimCities Mod

The RimCities Mod is an attempt to create an interesting and unique end-game challenge for RimWorld players. It adds randomly generated cities to the world map, which are similar to other settlements but far more difficult to attack. Pirate-controlled cities…
Vanilla Factions Expanded - Mechanoids

Vanilla Factions Expanded – Mechanoids Mod

The Vanilla Factions Expanded – Mechanoids Mod is unlike any other. A group of talented modders came together to make sure this mod is not only full of new interesting content, but also provides something to make the game a…

Flickable Storage Mod

Storage-buildings and stockpiles can be set to one of four settings Storage on – Works as normal Storage off – Will not accept or release any items Accept only – Pawns can only store items, not retrieve them Retrieve only…

Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator Mod

For a long time in the rim, colonists have used uranium to build cryptosleep caskets to save lives, ammunition for autocannons… but what else? Uranium could have so many more applications in a colony’s life. So why not generate electricity…

Relations Tab Mod

The Relations Tab Mod replaces the faction tab with a relations tab. The new relations tab shows, in a very graphical way, the relationships among your colonists and other factions. RimWorld’s social system is quite complex. There are awesome stories… 18Beta 19
Sparkling Worlds

Sparkling Worlds Mod

The main features of the Sparkling Worlds Mod is to increase the ability to craft advanced Glittertech items and introduce some new advanced weapons, items and buildings from Glitterworlds without breaking the game or deviating to much from the vanilla… 18Beta 19
Wall Lights Mod

Wall Lights Mod

The Wall Lights mod adds a new light object that can be mounted on walls. Wall lights will allow you to gain space in all rooms instead of wasting tiles with standing lamps. These lights are meant to be placed…
Rah's Bionics and Surgery Expansion

Rah’s Bionics and Surgery Expansion Mod

The Rah’s Bionics and Surgery Expansion Mod aims to enrich the bionics and surgery gameplay as much as possible, without being intrusive to the vanilla experience. While originally intended to be a streamlined and ‘improved’ version of Expanded Prosthetics and…
Vanilla Weapons Expanded Mod

Vanilla Weapons Expanded Mod

RimWorld’s weapon system has always been in dire need of expanding. With weapons lacking in all eras (no axes for tribal warriors, no muskets or crossbows for medieval colonies, little variety of weapons for industrial era and barely three different…

Electric Stonecutting Table Mod

The Electric Stonecutting Table Mod adds an electrically powered version of the stone cutting table that works at 175% of normal vanilla speed. Power shortages will knock your stonecutting speed down below the unpowered bench. Requires research so the normal…
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