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Alien VS Predator Mod

Authors of the Alien VS Predator Mod: Ogliss, Deon, rebelrol96, acide_bob

The Yautja are one of the fiercest hunters in the known galaxy. Highly intelligent, dangerously cunning, incredibly strong and possessing extreme endurance, their thirst for the Glory of the hunt can never be sated. Play as the fearless race. Develop new technologies. Weapons with unique abilities. Equipment useable only by the Hunters. Hunt targets, mark yourself for Honor.

Play as human and pray that the Yautja do not take interest in your colony.

The Xenomorphs join the RimWorld as a new threat to your colony. Experience the full life cycle of the Xenomorphs. Learn to fear their infestation. Be wary of those spaceship parts that fall, you never know what they may contain.

Xenomorphs are NOT currently playable. While this is a planned feature, it won’t be available for quite some time, as it requires Major reworking of how the game plays for it to make sense and we want to do it right, so that its not just another alien race skin. This is no simple task and no ETA can be given.

Alien VS Predator Mod features

Yautjas race

The race needs a warm biome to survive. They will ignore any harm to any other humanoid species except their own. You can go hunt and eat all the humans you want without a second thought. (There are some issues with the alien frameworks racial though restrictions for cannibalism currently). They are stronger and more resilient than humans.

They can mark themself with the blood of their prey for mood bonus. Modded Creatures Are supported, though they may sometimes give unexpected results
(To Mark an Unblooded Yautja, they need to make a worthy kill, then right click on its corpse with the Yautja selected and click the Mark option)
(To Mark an Unblooded Non-Yautja, they need to make a worthy kill, then right click on the pawn with a Yautja selected and click the Mark option, after being marked once they may mark themselves further as a Yautja would).

The Yautja have all-new weapons to try on their hunts:

  • Haunter Gauntlet: Contains the Wristblade and Self-Destruct device and can be upgraded via research for first-aid and with a Cloaking device.
  • Bladed Maul: A heavy melee weapon.
  • Combitstaff: Melee weapon that may be thrown to pin a target in place.
  • Hunting and Compound bow: Both can be made from different materials
  • Plasma pistol: Pew people dead
  • Needler: Pew pew pew people dead
  • Speargun: For the snipers
  • Shoulder Canon: Keep your hands free and is auto-targeting
  • Smartdisc: Multiple target ranged weapon
  • 5 different armours
  • 3 biomasks
  • A new rearmable trap
  • 2 faces and 4 patterns for a total of 8 different heads for both male and female.

Xenomorphs (not playable)

The Xenos are aggressive and seek to destroy you and expand their hive.

They feature:

  • Queen
  • Warrior
  • Drone
  • Runner
  • Predalien
  • Neomorph
  • Facehuggers
  • Thumbomorph
  • They will kidnap your colonist to keep them as host
  • Acid blood
  • Xenos will go into hibernation if they are cold enough

New events:

  • New ship part crash
  • Xenomorph infestations
  • ”They come mostly at night”: Xeno raids during nighttime can be significantly stronger
  • “Power Cut”: Base loses power (Similar to solar flare), followed by a xenomorph raid
  • “El diablo”: During heatwaves Yautja raids can be significantly more frequent and stronger
  • Man in Black event is a Yautja on Yautja scenarios
  • Neomorph Spores will sprout and infect careless colonists

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Version 1.5
Alien VS Predator Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5

Older versions:

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