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Prison Labor Mod

Author of the Prison Labor Mod: Avius

The Prison Labor Mod will allow you to force your prisoners to work for you. To enable this feature you must check a new options on the prisoner tab “Force to work”.

Prison labor needs management that consists in:

  • Motivation – prisoners need to be motivated by presence of colonists. Wardens have new job – supervising prisoners. Low motivation can lead to revolts.
  • Work assignment – prisoners that have option “Force to work” are added to “Work” tab.
  • Time restrictions – prisoners that have option “Force to work” are added to “Restrict” tab.
  • Prison area – prisoners in order to work need to reach target. You can check “Hold open” option on doors. Be aware, they will try to run if they see opportunity.
  • “Prisoners only” tools – You can mark orders and bills by tools that exclude colonist from work.

Compatibility notes

  • Works with mods that add Jobs of type cook/mine/craft/haul/clean like Quarry.
  • Haulers Can Haul To Blueprints, or Industrials Rollers.
  • To disable this mod from existing saves check “Disable mod” in settings and follow the instructions.
  • It also works with these mods: WorkTab (by Fluffy), Seeds PleaseDubs Hygiene and Central Heating Mod.

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