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RimCities Mod

Author of the RimCities Mod: Cabbage

The RimCities Mod is an attempt to create an interesting and unique end-game challenge for RimWorld players. It adds randomly generated cities to the world map, which are similar to other settlements but far more difficult to attack. Pirate-controlled cities provide even more of a challenge by occasionally bombarding you with mortar shells.

You may occasionally come across abandoned cities, which provide great scavenging opportunities for you and other nearby raiding parties.

RimCities Mod features

  • You can start a new game in a friendly, hostile or abandoned city using the “Start in a city” custom scenario setting.
  • Both abandoned and conquered cities can be claimed and converted into player colonies.
  • Friendly cities can be visited without invoking hostilities. But stealing from friendly cities affects faction relations!
  • New quest types:
    • Sabotage: deactivate a city’s defenses for an allied invasion force.
    • Combined Assault: attack a settlement with your ally.
    • Assassination: track down and creatively assassinate a specific target.
    • Heavy Siege: defend a city from waves of enemies.
    • Prison Break: help prisoners escape a city.
    • +Very rare secret incident!

If you’d like to start your colony in a city, click “Scenario Editor” and check the box next to “Edit mode”. From there, click “Add part” and add the “Start in city (RimCities)” option. You can then customize the scenario to your liking.

Compatibility notes

The RimCities Mod is compatible with Combat Extended, Real Ruins, Zombieland, Medieval Times, Faction Control, and many other mods.

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