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Author of the Colony Manager Mod: Fluffy

The Colony Manager mod simplifies the most tedious parts of managing a fast growing colony. Set up production chains from raw resources to finished products, and your managers will make sure you’re never out of vital resources again.

Colony Manager mod features

  • Production jobs

    • Assign global bills, that will be assigned to workstations by your manager(s).
    • Set start/stop conditions with the aid of a trigger.
    • Select which workstations bills should be assigned to by area and/or count, or select specific workstations.
    • Quickly add jobs for ingredients in complex production chains.

  • Forestry job

    • Set a target for wood, and never worry about designating lumber manually again!
    • Automatically clear wind turbine catchment areas to ensure they’re working at maximum efficiency.
    • Set an area to clear of all vegetation – make sure there’s no possible cover or retreat for any hostiles that dare attack you.

  • Hunting jobs

    • Set a target for meat, and never worry about designating hunting manually again!
    • Set an area to clear of all predators. Keep your home area safe!

  • Livestock jobs

    • Set a target for animals (for four separate age/sex combinations), and pawns will auto-butcher and/or tame to manage your herd.
    • Restrict animals to specific areas (for example, to separate male/female animals and prevent breeding).
    • Auto-butcher, tame and train according to your specifications.

  • Overview

    • Clear overview of all jobs.
    • Show stock and designated levels for the last day, month and year.
    • Show pawns capable of a job, and set work status.
    • Prioritize jobs, the manager will handle prioritizing jobs on worktables (however standard priority ordering across worktables still applies).

How does it work?

You can manually set bills in the new Manager tab at the bottom of the screen. Once set, a colonist with the manager skill and worktype enabled will go to a manager station to figure out the best way to hand out jobs to individual workstations.

Periodically, the manager will check if the assigned bills are still up-to-date, and make changes or delete bills when required. The manager will not touch bills that are set manually, nor will managers create jobs. You’re still the overlord!

There is no limit to the number of global bills that can be set.

Colony Manager Video Tutorials

Compatibility notes

The Colony Manager mods adds a new worktype, and thus is not compatible with old savegames. But it should work perfectly fine with other mods that add bills.

This mod is not compatible with existing saves. You will have to start a new game.

Fluffy’s UI Pack

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Colony Manager Mod Review
  • Necessity
  • Originality
  • User Interface


The Colony Manager Mod is a really useful tool once you’ve figured out how to use it. Forget about telling your colonists to hunt, chop wood, or slaughter livestock. You only have to tell them once, and they will make sure everything is on track on their own for the rest of the game. It can feel a little complicated at the beginning, but stick with it and you won’t be able to play without it ever again.

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