RimWorld 1.3


Crash Landing Mod

The Crash Landing mod changes the game start. It adds a new event that drops different spaceship parts on the landing site from the sky. Pods with colonists, containers with resources, engines with flammable fuel and other useful and dangerous things….
Remote Explosives Mod (1)

Remote Tech Mod

The Remote Tech Mod comes with an assortment of remotely detonated explosives for different purposes: defending your base, mining and chemical purposes. It also includes several new researches and a workbench to manufacture your explosive goodies. Remote Tech Mod features… 18Beta 19
Empire Mod

Empire Mod

Spread your influence far and wide with your faction by creating settlements that follow your will with the Empire Mod. Collect taxes from your settlements and respond to events that plague your people. Manage your own empire and benefit from…
ResearchPal Mod

ResearchPal Mod

The ResearchPal Mod replaces the default Research Tab with a completely redesigned layout with expanded features, making researching a breeze! ResearchPal Mod features Alternative Research Tab. Looks pretty, is useful. You can learn what your research will unlock, which things will be… 19

Simple Algae Mod – ‘VPE More Plants’ Addon

A simple mod that adds algae as a grow able crop to the roster of aquatic crops added by Vanilla Plants Expanded – More Plants. This crop is faster to plant and harvest than other aquatic plants and has a…

Save Storage & Outfit Settings Mod

This mod allows you to Save and Load Dump/Stockpile and Outfit settings so that you can load them over to new games. Settings saves are completely separate from game saves. This means settings saves can be used by any game…
1.31.4Beta 18
Androids Mod

Androids Race Mod

The Androids Mod is the ultimate solution to manpower shortage. It will add a new race of humanlike robots which are mostly female in model variety. The maid dresses are optional. The origins of these machines are mostly unknown. Some speculate… 18Beta 19

Expanded Roofing Mod

The Expanded Roofing Mod adds customizable roofing, with transparent greenhouse roofing and photovoltaic solar roofing. Reworked from Vendan’s original idea. A direct port of the Github version made by AaronCRobinson. I take no credit for anything made in this mod….

Trading Spot Mod

The Trading Spot Mod adds a designated spot for traders to stop at. Trading Spot Mod features Trading Spot marker is located in the Architecture menu under Misc. Compatibility notes This will work in current saves without a problem. To remove the mod,…
Tribal Genetics Mod_62d44739abf7c.jpeg

Tribal Genetics Mod

The Tribal Genetics Mod adds new methods of interacting with the Vanilla Genetics Expanded mechanics, allowing tribal societies to create genetic implants. After playing around with Vanilla Genetics Expanded a bit, I had a fun idea for a colony: a…

Pawn Rules Mod

Tired of feeding your prisoners Lavish Meals? Need your animal handlers to stop bonding with livestock? Want a colonist to avoid getting a new lover? Have a worker on construction duty but shouldn’t be building artistic furniture? Pawn Rules allows… 19
Kurin, The Three Tailed Fox Mod [Deluxe Edition]

Kurin, The Three Tailed Fox Mod [Deluxe Edition]

Introducing Kurin, a new visitor to Rimworld: Kurin is a human being with a gene of fox, made a long time ago in a genetic experiment in a glitterworld. On that planet Kurin created a nation and enjoyed prosperity, but…

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