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Just Put It Over There Mod

With the Just Put It Over There Mod, when making a trade-deal with a caravan, they will now try to place your bought items in storages instead of just dropping it on the ground. If there are no available storage space...

RimWorld Scenario

Warhammer 40K – Escape the Exterminatus

You squad is part of a scouting party sent to check for any survivors before the planet killer weapons are fired. As your ship approaches for landing it is struck from the side by an unknown bombardment. With wa...


Van’s What The Hack?! Retexture Mod

Want some vanilla textures for your What the hack?!? Van’s What The Hack?! Retexture Mod is perfect for you then! I always loved What the Hack but was never happy with its textures and wanted to take a swing at it. Th...


What the hack?! Mod

What better way is there to take revenge on mechanoids than to hack them, and use them as your own combat slaves? What the Hack!? Mod adds a large amount of balanced mid-to end-game content involving hacking and upgra...


Titular Royalty Mod

The Titular Royalty Mod adds titles to the player faction you can grant to your pawns with the Staff of Royalty (Requires Royalty, duh) In order to craft the Staff of Royalty at a smithy you will need the Smithing tec...


Vanilla Psycasts Expanded Mod

The Vanilla Psycasts Expanded Mod is potentially our Magnum Opus, a greatest, most exquisite, complex and visually stunning mod up to date. As always, it started with us simply not being satisfied with how Psycasts en...


Death Acidifiest Mod

The normal death acidifier effect is somewhat underwhelming. The Death Acidifiest Mod fixes that. By turning people into skeletons....


RimFantasy – Medieval Overhaul Edition Mod

For the longest time, civilizations dismissed magic as wild fantasies and superstitious tribal beliefs. That is until one day, an incident occurred in a gemstone mine, which led to the discovery that gemstones have a ...


Kemetic Decorations Mod

The Kemetic Decorations Mod includes several decorational structures and objects. Kemetic Decorations Mod features The hieroglyphic wall can be found under the structure tab. It’s stuffable and requieres no...


Ushanka’s Glitterworld Uprising Mod

You look high over the heads of your friends and acquaintances. You stare at the blue, tinted sky and see a little spark blinking from nothingness. Is it a memory? A dream, or a destination? Or is it… Glitterworld?...


Tribal Genetics Mod

The Tribal Genetics Mod adds new methods of interacting with the Vanilla Genetics Expanded mechanics, allowing tribal societies to create genetic implants. After playing around with Vanilla Genetics Expanded a bit, I ...


Questing Meme Mod

Adds in a new meme focused on completing quests, rewarding you for completing quests, and punishing you for failing them. Questing Meme Mod features Precepts Respected “Completing quests is a worthy pastime, but there...