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Beta 19Mods

Marbled Marble Mod

The Marbled Marble Mod makes marble marbely. It’s a purely visual thing. Does not work for things made out of marble stone blocks, except walls. Compatibility notes The Marbled Marble Mod is compatible with ED...

Beta 19Mods

More Luxury Stones Mod

The More Luxury Stones Mod adds additional luxury stones to the game. These serve the same role as jade does in the base game. It also includes cinnabar, lapis, and the rare amethyst....

Beta 19Mods

Paint Bugs Mod

Juduc drew all the Insects in Rimworld in MS Paint. Enjoy!...

Beta 19Mods

Faction Manager Mod

As humans we have a limit to how many things we can keep track of, and this game forces you to keep track of a lot more than that, especially if you want to expand your faction having multiple colonies. With the Facti...

Alpha 17 Beta 18 Beta 19 Version 1.0Mods

Holy Washer Mod

The Holy Washer Mod introduces the Halinka 2000: the newest washer from SMA Industries. With it you can wash all your clothes only with power! But it also includes a metal basin for those who don’t have power! It’s a ...

Beta 18Mods

“Real People” Names Mod

With the “Real People” Names Mod, colonists and tribespeople will get plausable sounding names instead of “Black Iguana” or “Koala ‘Val’ Purple”, etc. “Real...

Beta 18Mods

Ghosts Mod

The Ghosts Mod introduces tribal ghosts. These will (rarely) spawn in tribal colonies at the start of the game. Ghosts are semitransparent and skeletal. They do not rest, rarely eat (maybe once every thousand days), a...

Beta 18Mods

Local Growing First Mod

The Local Growing First Mod changes your pawns behavior to ensure that they harvest and sow within their current growing zone before heading to others!...

Beta 18Mods

Plants Are Pretty Mod

With the Plants Are Pretty Mod plants contribute positively to the beauty of a room or space’s environment. Ever find it odd that your colonists think that the beautiful forest they built their base in is the...

Beta 18Mods

Rabbit Farm Mod

The Rabbit Farm Mod adds several kinds of rabbits to the game and makes some slight alterations to the standard hares. There is only one mod file and it is easy to add or remove additional rabbits. The mod otherwise ...

Beta 18Mods

Spidercamp’s Decorative Plants Mod

Spidercamp’s Decorative Plants Mod adds a collection of decorative plants for players who are sick of just smelling the roses. Spidercamp’s Decorative Plants Mod features White Hydrangea Blue Hydrangea...

Beta 18 Version 1.0Mods

SickBoyWi’s Miraffe Mod UPDATED: 1.0

The SickBoyWi’s Miraffe adds miraffes to RimWorld, a very tall, long-necked animal. Miraffes prefer arid environments and foliage for feed. They don’t do well in extreme cold temperatures....

Beta 18Mods

Cutie’s Cat Pack Mod

In vanilla RimWorld there is only one type of pet cat, and it’s completely useless! The Cutie’s Cat Pack Mod fixes both these problems by adding more cat breeds and allowing cats to be trained....

Beta 18Mods

Tree People Race Mod

The Tree People Race Mod adds tree people into the game. Tree People Race Mod features Tree people are: Resilient to extreme temperatures. Tough. Immune to age related effects. Slow. Highly flammable. They also...

Beta 18Mods

Logistics Mod

The Logistics Mod allows you to configure certain worldmap travel time factors. No longer will you have to live in an arid shrubland to be able to use caravans! Logistics Mod features No penalties for tiles with...

Beta 18Mods

Floating Solar Panels Mod

The Floating Solar Panels Mod allows you to build floating solar panels and floating power conduits....

Beta 18Mods

Can Wear Together Mod

The Can Wear Together Mod is a utility mod that increases the compatibility of different wearables added by other mods. Can Wear Together Mod features Mods like Apparello add various accessories for your pawns....

Beta 18Mods

Saint Bernard Mod

The Saint Bernard Mod introduces this large, kind freed of dog that’s common in cold, mountainous areas. Typically used in search and rescue missions, it’s large enough to carry heavy lods if the going gets tough. Sa...

Beta 18 Version 1.0Mods

RimCuisine Mod

The RimCuisine Mod is focused on adding new crops and food types for your pawns to enjoy while they suffer horribly here on the Rim! Overall, the mod is designed to be vanilla-friendly and fit seamlessly into normal...

Beta 18Mods

Palisade Mod

The Palisade Mod adds new wooden palisades. Building fences with regular wooden walls looks weird, so this mod offers a better looking alternative. Palisade Mod features Palisade walls. Pylons to create better...