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Cold Desert Nights Mod

Author of the Cold Desert Nights Mod: Taryn Winterblade

The Cold Desert Nights provides a way to configure the temperature difference between day and night for each biome – including the function used to determine the speed at which the temperature rises when the sun comes up, and how quickly it falls when the sun goes down.

Cold Desert Nights Mod features

Each biome can be configured individually. By default, they will all be normal vanilla RimWorld settings, however, each can have:

  • The temperature function changed between one of three settings: Vanilla, Flatter, Flattest; see the graph and Excel image for more information.
  • The temperature difference between night and day set (in degrees Celsius).
  • The temperature offset from normal (in degrees Celsius) in case you want to make a biome warmer or colder.
  • The max seasonal shift (in degrees Celsius); this is mostly based on the distance from the equator (further north or south will produce higher variances in temperature based on this value as a maximum at one of the poles).
  • For each type of weather:
    • The weight of the weather being chosen.
    • If the weather can be chosen multiple times in a row.
    • If the weather can be chosen within the first week of gameplay (ie: thunderstorms).
    • If multiple rainy weather types can be chosen in a row.
  • The minimum and maximum temperatures to use for determining which weather to use – want a freezing desert that still gets rain? Set the minimum temperature to 1C and you won’t ever get snow.
  • The increase/decrease in temperature caused by the Heat Wave and Cold Snap game conditions.

All these settings can be configured while playing. Note that:

  1. Changes to temperatures will take place relatively quickly while unpaused (within the next 60 ticks in game when the temperature cache is refreshed). On the world map, temperature changes should appear in the ‘Terrain’ tab immediately after updating.
  2. Changes to weather will occur the next time the game tries to get a new weather (generally at least once per in-game day).

Compatibility notes

The Cold Desert Nights Mod shouldn’t cause any conflicts with other mods. But it does replace the following methods:

  • GenTemperature.OffsetFromSunCycle method
  • GenTemperature.SeasonalShiftAmplitudeAt
  • WeatherDecider.ChooseNextWeather
  • GameConditionManager.AggregateTemperatureOffset
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