RimWorld Beta 18

Hospitality mod

Orion’s Hospitality Mod

Have you been wondering what is the point of visiting factions? Wonder no longer, the Hospitality mod is the answer. With this mod, you will be able to: Convince visitors to join your faction! Increase faction relationships! Treat visitors well… 18Beta 19

More Vanilla Mechanoids Mod

A mechanical threat has risen! The More Vanilla Mechanoids Mod adds 5 new vanilla style Mechanoid types. Are you tired of shooting Scythers and Centipedes? This mod extends the Mechanoid arsenal for more variation and new challenges! More Vanilla Mechanoids… 18Beta 19
Better Pawn Control Mod

Better Pawn Control Mod

The Better Pawn Control Mod allows bulk assignment of animals to zones and colonists to outfits (or drugs) in one single action. Setup different policies and switch at will. Annoyed by manually having to set animals to safe zone with no master… 18Beta 19
Beast Man Tribes Mod

Beast Man Tribes Mod

No one knows if it was ancient pirates who crash landed and grew animal heads, or if it was the animals there that evolved human bodies. When the first colonists arrived at the newly terraformed jungles, they were dumbfounded at… 18
Giddy-up! Caravan Mod

Giddy-up! Caravan Mod

Let your colonists ride to far lands on elephants, muffalos, llamas or any other animal, modded or not! Giddy-up! Caravan Mod features The Giddy-up! Caravan Mod is packed with the following features: Faster world travel Ever felt that traveling through the… 18Beta 19

Defensive Positions Mod

Raids are fun, but positioning your fleshy turrets for battle each single time gets old pretty fast. The Defensive Positions mod allows your colonists to remember their position during base defense. You can send off your colonists to their positions… 18
Phi Mod

PhiClient Mod – RimWorld Multiplayer

The Phi Mod allows multiplayer interactions between players’ colonies such as chatting and sending resources from one player to another. Finally RimWorld Multiplayer is a reality!… 18Beta 19
Glitterworld Prime Mod

GlitterWorld Prime Mod

The GlitterWorld Prime Mod makes RimWorld a multiplayer experience by introducing an online broker. GlitterWorld Prime Mod Multiplayer features GlitterWorld Prime allows you to purchase and sell goods via an online market. Join in with other players in this RimWorld multiplayer… 18
Adeptus Mechanicus Armoury Mod

Adeptus Mechanicus: Armoury Mod

The Adeptus Mechanicus: Armoury Mod adds several weapons from the Warhammer 40k universe. Now with native support for Combat Extended! Adeptus Mechanicus: Armoury Mod features Integration with QuantumX’s Astra Militarum mods. Imperial weapons and wargear are craftable at the Imperial Machining Table… 18
Room Sense Mod

Room Sense Mod

The Room Sense Mod introduces toggleable panels to show relevant room stats such as beauty, cleanliness, etc. over appropriate rooms using graphical meters and optionally a colored overlay. Room Sense Mod features Essentially, the Room Sense Mod gives you a faster overview than… 18
Cactaceae Cactus Faction and Race Mod

Cactaceae – Cactus Faction and Race Mod

Cactaceae is a mod that adds a new race and some new recipes with the help of Humanoid Alien Races. The following assets are added into the game: Cactoids: a tribal faction. Cactoid Migration: a scenario with Cactoids. Weapons:  Long…
1.31.4Beta 18Beta 19

More Medications Mod

The More Medications Mod adds a lot of new medicinal resources to heal or ease the healing process of your colonists. More Medications Mod features New medicine Multi Vitamins – 4 Neutroamine Sleeping Pills – 6 Neutroamine ADHD Meds – 6…
1.31.4Beta 18

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