RimWorld Mods

Moody Mod

Author of the Moody Mod: Giant Space Hamster

The Moody Mod adds a floating dashboard that provides information about your colonists’ moods at a glance at all times. Moody is always on top but can be resized using the handle in the lower right corner and minimized with the button in the upper right.

Moody Mod features

There are five views available that you can switch between using the icons along the top: Mood View, Health View, Temperature View, Skills View, Thought View and Job View.

Please refer to the original forum post for a detailed description of each view.

Mood View

The first view shows each colonist’s current job, mood, and temperature band. All three columns provide tooltips with more information. All columns are sortable by left-clicking. The mood column can be right-clicked to switch to viewing one of the basic needs (joy, space, beauty, rest, food). Note that when sorting on mood the colonists are sorted by how close they are to their break thresholds, not by absolute mood value. This does not apply when viewing the other needs.

Temperature View

Displays more detailed information about the current outside temperature and each colonists’ individual temperature bands and current temperature. The current temperature is based on the current map. Colonists not on a map (i.e. in a caravan on the world view only) do not currently have a temperature.

Skills View

Provides a customizable view of colonists’ skill values. Passion skills are highlighted orange (interested) and red (passionate). Skills can be added with the “+” in the column header and removed by right clicking on the column. Reordering is only possible currently by removing columns and re-adding them in the order you want.

Thought View

Shows the total mood adjustment by thought group across all colonists with the ability to expand a thought group (row) to see which colonists have a thought from that group. As an example of a thought group, “Cold” and “Freezing” are two thoughts in the same thought group. You can also switch to a list of all individual thoughts using the context menu by right clicking on the thought group column header.

Health View

Shows health status effects such as injuries and illness. By default, only conditions requiring immediate attention are displayed. This can be changed with the new modes along the top (below the different view tab icons).

The column on the summary view shows the most critical type of health effect that needs attention. For conditions for which immunity applies, the higher of the pawn’s immunity or the condition’s severity will be displayed. In these situations severity has a red background and immunity has a green background for easy identification. If there is no background color, the value is a severity and immunity does not apply. The priority for what to display if a pawn has multiple conditions is as follows:

  1. Bleeding.
  2. Lethal, untended conditions (e.g. infection).
  3. Lethal, untendable conditions (e.g. heatstroke).
  4. Nonlethal, untended conditions (e.g. mechanites).
  5. Lethal, tended conditions.
  6. Lethal, immune conditions.
  7. Other health state icons.

For example, if a pawn has both an infection and they are bleeding, the bleeding icon will be displayed until all bleeding has stopped (at which point the infection progress will be displayed). To see all health conditions for pawns use the new health view.

Job View

Shows the short description for each colonists’ current task. The tooltip in the first view shows this same information, but less detailed.

Colonist icon display option: using the context menu on the colonist column you now have the ability to show pawn icons, hide pawn labels and remove pawn professions from the label. If you attempt to remove the label or icon and that is the only item displayed, the other option will automatically be enabled. Changing whether or not the profession is displayed only applies when the label text is displayed.

The colonist list in each view behaves very much like the colonist bar with respect to selecting colonists. For example:

  • Selected colonists will be highlighted in Moody
  • <Shift> can be used to modify selection groups
  • Right-clicking colonists behaves just like on the colonist bar (takes you to world map location of pawn)
  • Double-clicking will center the view on the pawn
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