Colonist Bar Mod

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Author of the Colonist Bar Mod: Killface

The Colonist Bar Mod adds additional information and new options to the colonist bar on top of the window.

Colonist Bar Mod features

  • Allows custom sorting as well as custom scaling.
  • All options available with Right Mouse Button click on any icon.
  • FollowMe™ functionality via Middle Mouse Button click.

The mood bar is calculated for each colonist individually. Each time a colonist has a minor break risk, the first blue bar is depleted, then they have a full yellow bar that will become a major break risk if depleted. So each break risk color is just a tiny bit of the vanilla mood.

Compatibility notes

The Colonist Bar Mod supports the following languages: Chinese Simplified and Traditional (by Duduluu), English, French (by Gorgious), German, Russian (by Skyarkhangel) and Spanish (by Ninnetyer).

The Colonist Bar Mod includes functionalities from other mods:

  • Icon stats based on ‘Pawn State Icons™’ by Dan Sadler.
  • ‘FollowMe™’ functionality by Fluffy with updated code by alexschrod.
  • ‘ZoomToMouse™’ functionality by Fluffy.
This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.

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Colonist Bar Mod
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Playing RimWorld you will need to check on your colonists constantly, for whether they are happy or about to break, or simply to know what are they up to. With the Colonist Bar Mod you will get that information and more at a glance without needing to click them individually. Also you can give orders via the right-click menu instead of having to locate the colonist on the map first.

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