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Colonist Bar Mod

Author of the Colonist Bar Mod: Killface

The Colonist Bar Mod adds additional information and new options to the colonist bar on top of the window.

Colonist Bar Mod features

  • Allows custom sorting as well as custom scaling.
  • All options available with Right Mouse Button click on any icon.
  • FollowMe™ functionality via Middle Mouse Button click.

The mood bar is calculated for each colonist individually. Each time a colonist has a minor break risk, the first blue bar is depleted, then they have a full yellow bar that will become a major break risk if depleted. So each break risk color is just a tiny bit of the vanilla mood.

Compatibility notes

The Colonist Bar Mod supports the following languages: Chinese Simplified and Traditional (by Duduluu), English, French (by Gorgious), German, Russian (by Skyarkhangel) and Spanish (by Ninnetyer).

The Colonist Bar Mod includes functionalities from other mods:

  • Icon stats based on ‘Pawn State Icons™’ by Dan Sadler.
  • ‘FollowMe™’ functionality by Fluffy with updated code by alexschrod.
  • ‘ZoomToMouse™’ functionality by Fluffy.

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