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Polarisbloc Mod – Ghost Army

Author of the Polarisbloc Mod – Ghost Army: Vaniat

Maybe because of the dissatisfaction of their own limitations, some humans aligned themselves with the mechanoids chose to combine their two species. After dozens of horrid surgeries, this assembly became a total failure. Horrible monsters were created, capable of unique and terrible power, far stronger than our knowledge could grasp…

Polarisbloc Mod – Ghost Army features

The Polarisbloc Mod – Ghost Army is a fraction of the Polarisbloc Mod series that includes only the Ghost Army faction. The Ghost Army is a hidden and hostile faction made of much stronger and faster enemies than mechanoids, and some are even turret-proof!

Additional credits:

  • Art: Bart
  • DLL: xyq565861
  • Balance tester: BOX

License: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

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