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Replace Stuff Mod

Author of the Replace Stuff Mod: Uuugggg

The Replace Stuff Mod adds a new replace button in the Architect menu that allows replacing any building’s materials without destroying it first.

Replace Stuff Mod features

  • Replace the stuff that a thing is made from, e.g. replace a wooden wall with slate wall.
  • Build over rocks, ore, or in undiscovered areas and it will be cleared out for construction.
  • New Over-wall Coolers so you don’t need to break a wall to install a cooler. They behave exactly like normal coolers, but do not act as walls, and must be placed on top of walls.
  • Place buildings on top of existing buildings with new stuff, and their materials will be replaced.

The Replace Stuff Mod does not deconstruct and reconstruct. It preserves the existing building and replaces materials in-place. This means:

  • Replacing walls doesn’t break the room, and keeps freezers indoors and cold.
  • Replacing workbenches keeps the bill list.
  • Replacing beds preserves their owner.

Other details:

  • The Work Needed to build is the same as normal deconstruction and construction.
  • Materials needed is just the stuff to be replaced.
  • Materials left behind is only the removed stuff at the normal amount (usally 75%)
  • Any additional materials are preserved in the building and not lost.
  • Buildings with quality are assigned a new quality level.
  • Damage done is retained.
  • Workbenches are NOT usable while replacement is being done, but are usable before resources are delivered. (This may interrupt jobs, unlike normal deconstruction which will wait for an idle bench)
  • When building over rock, miners and builders will both mine. If it’s valuable ore, unskilled miners will lose ore. You may want to cancel your building projects until the skilled miners do their job.
  • You can build in undiscovered areas, but after revealing a new area, invalid blueprints are canceled, often due to terrain.
  • Even building floors will clear out rock to install the floors.

Compatibility notes

The Replace Stuff Mod is not compatible with JTReplaceWalls, but it already comes with all of its functionality.

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