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Mining Priority Mod

Author of the Mining Priority Mod: Uuugggg

— “Hey! A plasteel meteorite dropped! Let’s go mine that valuable ore!”
— “Okay, I’ll put it on the list of things to do, after we finish tunneling the next few rooms”
— “And mining that steel nearby”
— “Yea, and also, there’s some slate designated to be mined that is ten feet closer than the meteorite, but in the opposite direction”
— “I’m lazy so I want to minimize the amount that I walk before I spend the day doing grueling labor. Slate first.”
— “Then we’ll get to the plasteel”

The Mining Priority Mod makes pawns go mine valuable ores before tunneling through rock. It prioritizes mining to the rarest metal first.

Only your best miners will dig for valuables (Check your pawn’s stats to see their mining yield).

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