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Advanced PowerGeneration Mod

Authors of the Advanced PowerGeneration Mod: Sulusdacor, Mlie

A light in every corner, an extra workbench there, maybe another cooking stove… Wondering where all your power went?

The Advanced PowerGeneration mod is a simple way to extend the capabilities of power supply on the late game. It adds 4 extra power outputs that don’t require any maintenance or refueling.

Advanced PowerGeneration features

Four brand new power outputs that must be researched before they can be built. Research is dependent on vanilla research (electricity, solar and geothermal). They are tech level spacer and need a high tech research bench and a multianalyzer. The placement restrictions for wind and geothermal still apply.

  • Advanced wind turbine:
    • Max power: 4000
    • Weight: 500
    • Cost: steel x100, components x5, plasteel x16
  • Advanced solar panel:
    • Max power: 3400
    • Weight: 450
    • Cost: steel x100, components x5, plasteel x16
  • Advanced geothermal generator:
    • Max power: 7500
    • Weight: 1000
    • Cost: steel x500, components x16, plasteel x55
  • Nuclear power:
    • Max power: 20.000
    • Weight: 1250
    • Cost: steel x1000, uranium x250, plasteel x100, components x30

Continued by Mlie !!

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