Removable Mt. Rock Roof Mod

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Author of the Removable Mt. Rock Roof Mod: Proxyer

The Removable Mt. Rock Roof Mod is a simple mod just to patch Core. Colonists will be able to remove overhead mountain.

How to remove Thick Roofs (Overhead Mountain)

  1. Use the regular “Remove roof area” option found in the Architect > Zone/Area menu to draw an orange area above the roof you want to remove.
  2. Wait for a pawn to remove it or select a constructor pawn and right click the area to instruct him to do it right away.
  3. They will remove it like any other roof.

Compatiblity notes

The Removable Mt. Rock Roof Mod is a format that patches Core (Defs), there is no fear that save data will be changed to a special form because those patches are done at game startup every time. Therefore, you can safely enable/disable this Mod at any time.

This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.

  • Necessity
  • Originality
  • User Interface


Really simple mod, but does what it says. If you’re annoyed by infestations spawning inside your mountain base, the Removable Mt. Rock Roof Mod lets you remove those thick roofs easily using the regular “remove roof area” button.

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