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Better Pawn Control Mod

Author of the Better Pawn Control Mod: VouLT

The Better Pawn Control Mod allows bulk assignment of animals to zones and colonists to outfits (or drugs) in one single action. Setup different policies and switch at will.

Annoyed by manually having to set animals to safe zone with no master when raided? The Better Pawn Control Mod can help you! You wish to have different outfits policies by season or by incident? The Better Pawn Control Mod can help you!

How to use the Better Pawn Control Mod

  1. Create a policy either for animals or for colonists.
  2. Select the new created policy.
  3. Configure the policy by setting the areas or outfits, etc as you always do .
  4. Done.

Repeat this process for other policies and THEN change between them in one click. WIN!

Compatibility notes

The Better Pawn Control Mod is verified to be compatible with Combat Extended.

The Better Pawn Control Mod is available in English, German (by Lauri7x3 ), Korean (by Coldmoon ) and French (by boundir).

Additional credits:

  • Fluffy for all the help with Animal Tab integration!
  • Skyarkhangel for all the support with Combat Realism
  • integration. Kudos for you!
  • Marnador for the logo font
  • debugzxcv for the patches optimisation

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