Tech Advancing Mod

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Author of the Tech Advancing Mod: GHXX

The Tech Advancing Mod allows you to progress on your tech-level. This way, if you start with a tribal colony, your tech level will evolve as you advance on the research tree. For your tech level to evolve, certain conditions have to be met, including custom rules that you can customize on the mod settings.

When does your Tech Level improve?

Your tech level will change when one of the following two conditions are fulfilled:

  • Condition A. You researched all of the projects from a specific tech level and below. Then your tech level rises to the next.
  • Condition B. You researched more than 50% of the projects of a certain tech level, then your tech level becomes that one (the highest one).

The Tech Advancing Mod uses the Harmony Library by Pardeike.

This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.

Tech Advancing Mod Review
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If you start playing with a tribal colony, you will notice that it takes you an awfully long time to do each research. And RimWorld is designed to be like that, you knew what you were getting into… but it can also get really boring. It only makes sense that if your colony is doing more research, their tech level would increase. The Tech Advancing Mod allows you to have a progressing level of technology, which can be motivating for players who aren’t playing tribal because of the slow research times.

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