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A Dog Said… Mod

Authors of the A Dog Said… Mod: Spoonshortage, Kaptain_kavern

The A Dog Said… Mod adds prostheses, bionics and surgeries for animals. Three new researches are added to the Research Tab: Simple Animal Prosthetics, Animal Bionics and Animal Healing.

A Dog Said… mod features

The following parts are added to the game:

  • Animal brain stimulator.
  • Bionic animal eyes.
  • Bionic animal heart.
  • Bionic animal lung.
  • Bionic animal kidney.
  • Bionic animal liver.
  • Bionic animal stomach.
  • Simple/bionic animal ears (fits all animals except those without ears: birds, insects, snakes).
  • Simple/bionic animal jaw.
  • Simple/bionic animal spine.
  • Simple/bionic animal arms (fits only monkeys and megatheriums).
  • Simple/bionic animal legs.
  • Peglegs (can be crafted with wood x1 but has the least efficiency).
  • Simple prosthetic tail (fits animals with tail only).
  • Simple prosthetic nose (fits animals with nose only: not birds or insects).

All parts can be obtained from traders, except peglegs. They can also be crafted at the animal prosthetics bench after researching electricity and simple animal prosthetics. Crafting requires a skill of 5-12, depending on the part. Simple parts are slightly lower in efficiency than natural parts, and Bionic parts are always higher. Simple/bionic legs, arms and jaws do melee damage now, depending on the type. Damage on bionic parts is non variable from animal to animal. A bionic leg on a Yorkie, for example, will do the same damage as a bionic leg on a bigger animal.

All parts need medicine skill and medicine x1 to be installed. Simple parts need a skill from 4-6 and bionic parts need a skill form 8-10. Animal Healing of old wounds requires research, min. medicine skill of 10 and normal medicine x3 (make sure animals are set to receive it!).

Compatibility notes

The A Dog Said… Mod is compatible with EPOE (Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering Mod) and RBSE (Rah’s Bionics and Surgery Expansion), no patches needed!

The mod is available in chinese, german and korean.

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