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A Dog Said… Animal Prosthetics 2 Mod

Author of the A Dog Said… Animal Prosthetics 2 Mod: Samuel_Bucher

A Dog Said… Animal Prosthetics 2 Mod is a continuation/full rework of the iconic A Dog Said… Mod. Its creator has transferred the responsibility of maintaining the health and lives of RimWorld’s animals to me, and the original mod will no longer be updated.

A Dog Said… Animal Prosthetics 2 Mod Features

  • Adds universal animal equivalents to most vanilla prosthetics and bionics. They are unlockable by their respective research projects.
  • Which prosthetics can and can’t be installed onto a given animal is determined by the “category” system, which I inherited from the original mod and reworked.
    • Category 1 animals (rats, squirrels, and other critters) can only receive peg legs and the like.
    • Category 2 animals (cattle and other non-trainable and non-packable animals) are eligible for simple prosthetic limbs.
    • Category 3 ones (packable and trainable (and cats)) can have full blown bionics installed.
  • If you have XML Extensions active, the category system is optional and can be turned off, allowing your colony’s vermin to transcend the limitations of flesh.
  • This mod is written in a way that makes adding compatibility with modded animals extremely easy. See the ModCompat folder for examples.

Differences from the original

  • Animal scar healing with industrial medicine has been removed. If you want to heal permanent wounds on your animals, use the biosculpter pod with Animal Biosculpter and/or EPOE‘s ultratech healing system. I did this because I believe that scars should mean something.
  • Every animal prosthetic/bionic organ that didn’t have a vanilla counterpart was removed. However, every artificial organ added by EPOE has an animal counterpart. After all, what sense does it make to be able to make artificial organs for your pets, but not for yourself?
  • The research projects for animal prosthetics/bionics are now only available after the respective human projects.

Compatibility notes

  • Built-in full compatibility with Bionic icons, Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering, Medical System Expansion 2, and Elite Bionics Framework.
  • Contains patches for the animals from all Vanilla Animals Expanded and ReGrowth mods, by me. For compatibility with other modded animals, see the Credits section. As for Alpha Animals, Sarg said that he’ll be making his own animal implants for it.
  • I loaded this into my main almost 300 big modlist, and there were no surface level issues. If you find any incompatibilities, please let me know.
  • Can be safely added to an active playthrough. Removing it will inevitably cause one-off errors and the disappearance of all prosthetics added by this mod, both installed and otherwise.

Feel free to submit your own patches for the mods you want there to be compatibility with, either through Github or DMs. I will review them, amend them if necessary, and then credit you. IF YOU ARE BUILDING COMPATIBILITY INTO YOUR MOD, MAKE SURE THAT IT IS LOADED BEFORE ADS2.

Known issues

Because of how the vanilla’s melee attack system works, artificial body parts that are meant to replace natural parts capable of attacking have their own attack “tools” which override the pawn’s original ones. Since various animals have various attack power, this causes some balance issues, meaning that installing a bionic animal leg on a husky will be a significant upgrade, while not being a whole lot on a bear. One day, I’d like to fix this by making another mod which takes the values of the original body part’s attack tool and scales them with the prosthetic’s multiplier.

Additional credits:

  • Noj, the creator of Medical System Expansion 2, for their custom XML patches. This mod wouldn’t have been the way it is without them.
  • DeliciousMoisture for the compatibility patches with Animal Collab Project and Steve’ s Loons.
  • PetMudstone for the compatibility patches with Erin’s Azaphrae – Biotech Ver., Erin’s Final Fantasy Animals, Erin’s Friendly Ferrets, Erin’s Lizard Doggo, Erin’s Palamutes, Erin’s Valheim Creatures, Erin’s Wildlife, and Dragon’s Descent.

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