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Bionic Icons Mod

Author of the Bionic Icons Mod: AUTOMATIC

The Bionic Icons Mod changes the graphic for body part boxes and adds icons depending on what’s inside.

Bionic Icons Mod features

In addition to vanilla, Bionic icons has built-in icons for the following mods: EPOE, RBSE, A Dog Said, Android tiers, Cyber Fauna, Genetic Rim, Glitter Tech, Harvest Everybees!, EPOE Replacement Expansion and Night Vision.

Any mods that use same textures for body part boxes as vanilla are also supported, for example: Archotech Expanded, Harvest Everything! and Vanilla Bionics Expansion. Any other mods will most likely keep their own icons.

Additional Credits: Inspired by Syrchalis’s Prosthetic Icons mod. DnaJur for advice on DDS.

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