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Rimhammer – The End Times – Dwarfs Mod

Author of the Rimhammer – The End Times – Dwarfs Mod: SickBoyWiSickBoyWi

This is the first extension of the base ‘Rimhammer – The End Times’ mod, and is intended to be used with the base mod; however, that isn’t required.

The Rimhammer – The End Times – Dwarfs Mod adds Warhammer Dwarfs into Rimworld. Yes, in Warhammer it is ‘Dwarfs’, not ‘Dwarves’! This mod includes Dwarven equipment, ale, and much more. Dwarfs also have the ability to settle impassable terrain!

Rimhammer – The End Times – Dwarfs Mod features

A detailed list of things this extension adds are as follows:

  • Warhammer Dwarfs as well as Slayers ( all with unique haircuts, beards, and body ).
  • The ability for dwarves to settle on impassable mountain tiles.
  • Warmachines: Bolt Thrower, Grudge Thrower, Cannon, Organ Gun, and Flame Cannon.
  • Black Powder: Two new minable resources (Sulfur and Saltpeter) that can be combined with wood for charcoal, to make black powder. Used to build the cannon, organ gun, and flame cannon rounds.
  • Armor, clothing, weapons, and equipment specific to the dwarfs.
  • A new type of dwarf recreation activity: Admiring Gold – so leave a piece of gold sitting out with an open space around it, so the lads can get their much needed rec.
  • A planter box ( essentially an unpowered and weaker hydroponic basin – perfect for growing stoneroot under the mountain )
  • Special fermenting barrels.
  • Dwarven Ale, and the famous Bugman’s XXX Ale.
  • Unique plants: Barley (for making dwarven ale and food) and Stoneroot ( a dwarven speciality crop that doesnt need light to grow, and has a long shelf life )
  • Unique food: Stonebread ( made from stoneroot; has a long shelf life )
  • Gromril ( an extremely strong dwarven speciality metal )
  • 100+ dwarven and slayer themed backstories.
  • A few dwarven factions.
  • New large dwarven research tree.
  • Tons of dwarven themed names.
  • Doors and gates.
  • Dwarven statuary.
  • Dwarven sarcophagus.
  • Dwarven pillars for roof support, and beauty.

Compatibility Notes

Note all the required mods listed above. If you’re also using the base Rimhammer – The End Times mod, you should load that immediately after the previously mentioned two mods, and before this one. It is also recommended to put all these mods as high as possible in the mod list. The order should go:

  1. JecsTools
  2. Doors Expanded
  3. Humanoid Alien Races 2.0
  4. Rimhammer – The End Times
  5. Rimhammer – The End Times – Dwarfs

Currently known issues

If you have a shield equipped, and you try to force equip a different one, there’s an error that will destroy the shield you’re attempting to equip. You have to manually unequip the first shield, then you can equip the new shield. I believe this is an error with JecsTools, I have an issue open regarding it on his GitHub.

Future updates

  • Add more dwarven furniture.
  • Add additional armor/helms.
  • Runic weapons and items – ability to create them, and perhaps really strong ones from quests.
  • Add victory conditions – Perhaps destroy a chaos portal somewhere.
  • Implement The Book of Grudges.
  • Add dwarven themed mental breaks and recreation activities.
  • A CE patch.
  • Quests.
  • Gyrocoptor implementation.
  • More beards, and hair cuts.
  • More sculptures.
  • Fix ale brewing so that they share a fermenting barrel.
  • Gyrocoptor – perhaps as a transport pod like thing that is refuelable.
  • Better ruins.

Special thanks to:

  • Discord member @Dino’s Bar and Grill for making creature, door, and warmachine images. @Grelan for organizing and dealing with the Discord channel. @Kompad for some great config tips that saved me some real time and trouble. All the other Discord members for tossing ideas around, and playtesting.
  • The Lord of the Rims series for inspiration, and some great examples to get me going. Same goes for [KV] Impassable Map Maker – 1.0.
  • The people at the Ludeon forums who answered my programming/config questions.

This series will likely not be released fast. I’m one person, and the amount of work involved is significant. This mod took hundreds hours of work, no joke. If you’d like to speed up the process of release, please consider supporting me on Patreon. The more support I get, the more motivated I will be to create more races/factions.

Join us on our Discord Channel or Ludeon Forums.

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Version 1.5
Rimhammer – The End Times – Dwarfs Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5

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