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Rim of Madness – Vampires Mod

Authors of the Rim of Madness – Vampires Mod: Jecrell, LionHamster, Sheidula, Discount Dan

The Rim of Madness – Vampires Mod adds vampires to RimWorld.

Vampires Mod features

  • Heavily inspired by Vampire the Masquerade, this mod introduces a disease known as vampirism.
  • There are five Vampire bloodlines included with the mod currently.
  • Different bloodlines have different abilities: 44 in total (check the vampire character menu).
  • Adds in “vitae” and blood mechanics (check the needs menu).

How to play as a vampire in a new game

Choose a vampire scenario OR create your own with the added health condition for Vampirism. Then…

  1. Have a vampire appear in your initial colonists list. OR
  2. Find a vampire out in the world. Imprison them. Recruit them. Then select them, right click another colonist, and select “Embrace (Give Vampirism)” from the right click menu options.

How to play as a vampire in an existing game

It’s recommended to start a new game with vampires. The only known method of playing vampires in existing games is to edit save files and add in the vampire health condition or use debug commands. No guide currently available for this.

Compatibility notes

The Vampires Mod is incompatible with Moody. It checks for food in caravans and causes errors.

Available in English, Spanish (by Daru), and Russian (by kr33man).

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