RimWorld Mods

Gulden Biome Mod

Author of the Gulden Biome Mod: Sovereign

Gulden Biome Mod adds Foliage fit for gods. A new beautiful biome with some extra goodies and more hopefully to follow.

This biome mod was inspired by the game Elden Ring and was a learning experience for me so I can pump out other biome mods. As such, it will be updated with more content as time goes on either to teach myself new things or just because I think it would fit this mod. Gulden Biome Mod adds a new complete biome intended to make things easier. All plants give beauty as well as a new stone material and sheep’s wool doing the same. As well as a better herbal medicine which is as good as the industrial med, and lastly, a new berry that acts kinda like chocolate reducing recreation.

Gulden Biome Mod Features

Compatibility notes

  • Compatible with Vanilla Fishing Expanded – You can fish like in any other biome.
  • Royalty – Gulden berries, ambrosia, and fungus are all valid options for royals.
  • Compatible with Clean Textures – Changes the biome’s soil to custom ones, avoiding the green grass texture.
  • Compatible with Regrowth Core – Compatible with the integrated beautification option.
  • Compatible with Vanilla Genetics Expanded – Animals function the same as the vanilla counterparts.
  • Compatible with Vanilla Brewing Expanded – You can make ambrandy out of Gulden ambrosia as well!


  • SirVan Banner and animals
  • Oduem for the biome kit which is now integrated into Regrowth
  • Mashed and Rick for helping pphhyy with bugs
  • Mashed WorldMapBeautificationProject patch
  • pphhyy Art & XML
  • Rick XML
  • Alite help to update this mod to 1.5
  • Sovereign updating this mod and ironing out bugs
  • Elseud Guldenrat sprite
  • Catlover Guldenrat description
  • Kusko25 elyxr biotech addiction graphic
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