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Zyszhao’s Vehicle Pack – Into the Fire Mod

Author of the Zyszhao’s Vehicle Pack – Into the Fire Mod: Zyszhao

A vehicle pack that include 2 vehicles in different frameworks. A part of a series of vehicle and aerocraft mods, this pack includes 1 boat and 1 helicopter, which use incendiary weapons. This serie will include vehicles in history which for millitary uses. Info in pictures below mingt mot be the final balanced result.

Zyszhao’s Vehicle Pack – Into the Fire Mod features

Compatibility notes

Combat Extended compatible.

Additional credits:

Mod making: ZyszhaoCE;
Patch: 快乐柠萌茶;
Special thanks: AOBA and Feng Xinzi, for providing help when I studied learning modding;
空耀 and SmashPhil, for making such amazing frameworks;
Tynan, for creating RimWorld;
And you, for viewing this mod and maybe download it.

Localization: English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese by me.

You can find me in QQ gulid (ID:4b65yw31cx).

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