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Aerocraft Framework Mod

Authors of the Aerocraft Framework Mod: 空曜, mo

The Aerocraft Framework Mod provides an aerocraft and its framework that primarily performs flight operations within a map (the majority of its functions can be achieved through Comp in Xml).

Regarding the use of the framework: you’ll find a rar compressed file called “Example” in the Defs folder, which contains all the functions and explanations of the aircraft.

Aerocraft Framework Mod features

  • Move, forcefully attack, and follow with the right mouse button (similar to how pawns operate).
  • The aerocraft can only fly normally after takeoff preheating (autogyro: vertical takeoff and landing, fixed wing aircraft: short takeoff and landing)
  • Flying without regard for terrain.
  • Immune to melee attacks during flight, reduce explosion damage to 20%, and fire normally during flight (can be turned on or off in Mod settings).
  • Function of Carry pawns.
  • Weapon of aerocraft can be replaced.



  • Disposable self-explosive drone and its deployment backpack.
  • Small drone benchmarking mini-turret.
  • Medium sized Aerocraft with multiple weapons and capable of carrying pawns.
  • Medium sized Aerocraft capable of loading and throwing shells, capable of carrying pawns.
  • Auxiliary medium sized Aerocraft that provide shields, lighting, and fire extinguishing shells.
  • Deploy drones, large aerocraft with multiple weapons, and capable of carrying pawns.

Compatibility notes

CE: Compatible (but I don’t play CE, so balance is questionable…).


  1. (Not a big impact) When the aerocraft explodes, there will be error messages about Tick (except for the error message, which has no impact. Compared to constantly detecting whether it has been consumed by Destroy’s excess performance, an error message does not matter)
  2. (Not a big impact) There will be error messages when installing weapons by the building and completing the construction (no impact, probably because they were destroyed before they were fully generated)
  3. When crossing maps, if colonizers are loaded like “drop pods” , releasing them through the “Cancel load” Gizmos will make it difficult for colonizers to recognize them if they are loaded again.
    【Solution: Click on the “Contents” tab “×” To release the pawns or right-click to enter the aerocraft】
  4. Automatically destroyed when exceeding the map
    【 Solution: Try not to fight at the edge of the map as much as possible, and the “Detect map edge for forced turnbacks” enabled in Mod settings will also force the aerocraft to turn back when it reaches the map edge】

Additional credits: Dll+Xml by 空曜 and textures by mo (小面包).


Version 1.5
Aerocraft Framework Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5

Older versions:

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