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Stargate Zat Gun (Zat’nik’tel)

Author of the Stargate Zat Gun (Zat’nik’tel): HopeSeekrHopeSeekr

One of two weapons developed by the Goa’uld, the Zat’nik’tel (Zat Gun), delivers a charged electromagnetic pulse that incapacitates pawns for 10.000 clicks, making it trivial to collect your prize.

This is a real Zat Gun (Zat’nik’tel), from the Stargate Universe. One shot stuns. Two shots kills. Rumors about the third shot are greatly exaggerated.

This is the perfect weapon for penal colonies, mental breaks etc. The target will be downed for several seconds (with minimal injuries), easily allowing capture. The risk of death is the equivalent to a single charge rifle bullet hitting them.

Non-Steam Downloads and GitHub Repository of this mod is available at: https://github.com/BetterRimworlds/ZatGun/

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