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Archotech ZPM Superbattery Mod

Author of the Archotech ZPM Superbattery Mod: HopeSeekrHopeSeekr

ZPM (Zero-Point Module)

The Archotech ZPM slowly converts Dark Energy into electricity, for free, but has an outsized capacity of 25,000 Wd. It also steadily draws power from the Zero-Point Energy Field and stores it a highly charged pocket of subspace. It is capable of powering an entire settlement for days on end…

Archotech ZPM Superbattery Mod features

The Archotech ZPM Superbattery Mod also adds an Artifacts Orbital Trade Ship, which specializes in Archotech of all kinds, including previously non-buyable artifacts, such as the Venometric Battery (which also sucks 1,000 w from the Zero-Point Field).

ALERT: The transdimensional conduits of the ZPM can have devastating consequences for all higher lifeforms on the map! It is highly recommended that you do not allow it to get above 75% full capacity for long.

Warning: The ZPM manipulates the very fundamental basis of the space/time reality construct. Use it at your own risk! Because of this there may be adverse effects. The main danger that you will experience, at about once every 3-5 years, is that if the Dark Energy Reserve gets above 80%, you are at risk for a huge explosion anywhere along the connected grid. If the explosion occurs inside, it will usually instantly kill any pawn within 5-6 tiles and, at full 25,000+25,000 capacitance, ignite a fireball of about 10-15 tiles in diameter, instantly raising indoor temperatures to > 2,000 F and igniting everything – and everyone – in the vicinity. Fire poppers are mandatory.

When used in conjunction with the Stargate, you will NOT need to wait to charge the Stargate (~20,000 kW), and in the future, it will also allow intergalactic wormhole travel (e.g., across our Internet).

If you already have the BetterRimworld’s Stargate mod, you will be able to research how to build your own ZPMs, at a considerable cost. See https://github.com/BetterRimworlds/Rimworld-Stargate

The Zero-Point Energy Field is very real. Please see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zero-point_energy for more.

Want your pawns to live forever young and healthy? Check out BetterRimworld’s CryoRegenesis: https://github.com/BetterRimworlds/CryoRegenesis

BetterRimworlds: To make the world better; all of them.

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