CryoRegenesis: Forever Young Glittertech Mod

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Author of the CryoRegenesis: Forever Young Glittertech Mod: HopeSeekrHopeSeekr

With this Glittertech, all of your colonists (and pets, and even enemies, if you’re so inclined!) can live forever young!

CryoRegenesis: Forever Young Glittertech Mod features

CryoRegenesis sarcophagi not only restore your pawns to their youthful vigor, they also cure all age-related infirmities as well as every physical injury!

  • No more aging. Everyone can be in their 20s!
  • Heals bad backs, permanent scars, even dimensia, Alzheimer’s and bullets to the brain!
  • Heals most diseases. There is no more need to die from the flu!
  • Entire limbs can be regrown with enough Uranium. Even brain injuries!
  • Luciferium need cannot be cured, nor can psychological addictions, though physical tolerances will disappear.

Stock up on Uranium. You’ll need a whole lot of it!

In a future version, I hope to add a “sarcophagus sickness” addiction to cryo repair that mirrors what happens in the Stargate universe.

It took me about 20 days to make, but that includes learning how to code in C#.

This project is fully open-sourced.

This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.

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