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Star Wars KotOR Droids Mod

Author of the Star Wars KotOR Droids Mod: guy762

Adds 22 types of droids from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords, as well as a mech hive-like faction, a new starting scenario, and a wide variety of droid-specific equipment. These droids use the Mechanical Humanlikes framework.

Star Wars KotOR Droids Mod features


Q: Basilisk War Droids?
A: these will be in the upcoming Speeders & Starfighters mod

Q: How come the droid weapons can’t be equipped by pawns with bionic arms like in the Gadgets mod?
A: the specific function from AthenaFramework I used for that overrides Humanoid Alien Races’ race restriction function, so I wasn’t able to keep it in this mod’s version of the items

Q: Droids keep spawning with Ideoligion hats!
A: this is apparently an issue on the HAR-side of things. I went out of my way to prevent this from happening in both the PawnKindDef settings and in the droids’ race restriction options, but it still persists. blame tynan

Q: Some droids spawn with a listed xenotype!
A: this is another issue that is beyond my means to fix, but thankfully this one can be safely ignored as the droid pawn’s xenotype function is completely overwritten by ATC/MHC mechanics

Compatibility notes

  • USERS OF THE OTHER KotOR MODS: please ensure all other project mods are updated before using this!
  • IF YOUR DROIDS ARE SPAWNING WITH NORMAL BACKSTORIES/NAMES: go into the Mechanical Humanlikes Core mod options menu and press the “reset considerations” button. All droids from this mod should be in the “mechanical drone” category. Devmode in replacement droids for the bugged ones as needed.
  • This mod patches the “Techprof Subpersona Core” item so that it is buyable and properly expensive to buy. This is because I wanted to use it in some droid crafting recipes, and I have not once ever seen this stupid item appear in-game naturally. It has been added to the Droid Dealer’s possible item list.
  • RESEARCH (located in the Android Tiers tab): For this mod I’ve added a series of research projects to unlock crafting recipes for most of the droid types this mod offers. The highest tier of droids require techprints in order to research them. Stuffable droid armor is also researchable and craftable after the first droid research project has been completed. A larger crafting/researching overhaul is on the way for all the project mods as we work on the KotOR Core components mod!

Additional credits: In addition to everyone listed in the credits section on the KotOR Weapons & Armor and the KotOR Gadgets & Equipment mods…

  • Killathon – for reviving Android Tiers which enabled this mod to be possible without having to use the Mechanoid system!
  • MajesticMadman – drew the Ebon Hawk wreckage and the unused droid workbench texture
  • guy762 – drew everything else
  • The 3D modeling team for Star Wars KotOR 1&2 for making these cool droids in the first place!
  • The Sound Departments for Star Wars KotOR 1&2 for making all those droid noises


Version 1.5
Star Wars KotOR Droids Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5

Older versions:

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