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MH: Android Tiers Core Mod

Author of the MH: Android Tiers Core Mod: Killathon

The core content and code necessary for making Android Tiers pawns work properly, without any races, based off of Mechanical Humanlikes [MH] and Humanoid Alien Races [HAR].
A baseline framework for modularity and player choice.

This mod adds the various android parts, research, structures, and mechanics necessary for sub mods to function. Without one of those sub mods, however, this mod does little.

MH: Android Tiers Core Mod Features:

  • Mechanical equivalents of vanilla prosthetics for androids.
  • A full research tree to delve into a more mechanized future.
  • A vast swath of new mechanical specific hediffs, body parts, diseases, and implants.

Compatibility notes

Languages: English (Primary) and Russian (Community). Want to translate ATR to your own language? Go to the GitHub (linked below) and submit a pull request. I make no guarantees that languages besides English will have mistakes corrected in a timely manner.

Links: Discord and GitHub.

Additional credits:

Special thanks to:Atlas – The true original creator
ARandomKiwi – Creator of the wonderous and incredible AT++ content and maintainer
Dingo Ananas – Artist for many pieces of AT/AT++ content
FG_Remastered – PR overlord, diplomat, integral supporter
lazycooken – Jumpstarter and eager supporter
Winterbloom – Moderator, early xml help, integral supporter
Kitty Of Pathos – Gynoid textures
JGH – Donated graphics for all sorts of things across the board
RedMattis – Newly updated and refined gynoid textures
Thermo – Thumbnail/Preview Image
Android Tiers Reforged Discord – The endless whirlpool of ideas and testing
RimWorld Mod Development Discord – Incredible amounts of support and assistance

Image attribution: Background by starline on Freepik, Corner Reflective Metal by macrovector on Freepik.

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