Game Performance Pack

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All the mods listed within this pack are dedicated to improve the game performance for players using low-end machines. Our hearts are with you!

RuntimeGC Tool

This is an In-Game Cleaner that will clean up your savegame, reducing its size and making your game run smoothly again, without losing your progress.

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Improved Fire Performance Mod

This mod boosts game performance by removing redundant checks when a fire is started. It does not alter the way fires behave.

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No more sleeping Z’s Mod

It completely removes the small Zzz that appears above colonists and animals’ heads while sleeping, avoiding the FPS dropped during fast speed modes.

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The RIMMSLoadUp Mod adds community solutions for improving load times in RimWorld.

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Startup Impact Mod

The Startup Impact Mod measures how long it takes for mods to load.

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